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  1. So how is it going with the repair? I had my first experience with my 04 Pro that i had to split the cases ad replace the Output shaft and bearings, Kickstarter Gears etc. Turned around and Sold it, Now I have an 03 Edition and No Major Problems. Only the Rider
  2. OGG

    All because of trials!!

    Hey Aloha Plan for Labor Day here on Kauai, Clay usually puts up an Event for the Trials Guys here. Sections start from Novice up to Expert.
  3. OGG

    08 txt pro starting

    Call Clay @ Aloha Trials Shop, He'll help you out Good Guy.
  4. OGG

    Scorpa 250F verses Gas Gas 280?

    uhoh7, look into the Older Gas Gas TXT Editions. Made Up to 2003, its going to USED but really reliable. I've been there with you on those transmissions, Kick starter gears, clutches and constant repairs. Those Pro's are Designed for Trials Comp. not trail riding which is what I do. I got and Old Gas Gas and is real reliable, starts the 1st kick In Neutral. you don't have to rock it gear like the Pro's. Good Luck on your search for the Ultimate Reliable Trials Bike. I like the Vid's You and machaloony been Posting, Thanks keep'um coming.
  5. OGG

    1997 GG jtx 320

    Yea I have 97 JTX200, Gets me around Really reliable. The Older ones are Like Timex Watches, Takes a Beaten and Keeps on Ticking. Aside from the normal wear like the Clutch, Fork seals, Water Pump Seal, Wheel Bearings, Brakes, and the other normal Wearing Items. I like it, wish I had more power. But Probably get hurt.
  6. OGG

    kx100 tranny problem.

    That Happened to my freinds KX100, A small bit of metal from somewhere was stuck between the sliding Pawl of the shifter Arm. The spring couldn't move it. Had to remove the whole clutch side cover and remove the Clutch basket and take out the whole shiter Arm just to see what was sticking the slide pawl from moving. Found that small metal sliver stuck between the pawl and the arm, the spring was okay. There's a Thread in here on the with Pic's on what you're looking at when you remove that side cover also tells you how to reSet the powr valve arm. Do a Search.
  7. OGG

    New OSSA

    Any feedback on the 2010 Sherco with their relocated Gas Tank and AirFilter System. Seems a more sensible approach to moving weight to The CG of the bike.
  8. OGG

    2009 Gas Gas Confusion

    100:1 Amsoil Saber Professional
  9. OGG

    2009 Gas Gas Confusion

    Castrol 10/40w the Non Energy Conserving type. Walmart. Change every two rides. Add 1/2 quart. Always check the Mag Drain Plug for metal shavings. Learn how to Kick Start it.
  10. OGG

    need a skid plate

    Hey Dave, check Richochet.com or UtahSports.com I got my skid plate from them. Do a Google search might be better.
  11. I Agree with the High Maintenance Bikes, more time wrenchin than riding. Say how are the Sherco's? any body got some Input Pro's & Con's. would like to listen about them.
  12. OGG

    gas gas 200 advice

    Go for the 2001 200 better, bullit proof all around. The Pro's costly to keep running, might be lite etc. but not the problems and maintenance.