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  1. You've probably seen this thread:
  2. Pro Action doesn't list a valve kit for the DRZ, but they do sell a 3x6 vinyl banner. http://pro-action.com/products You may need to contact them.
  3. did you climb up and slide down the slide?
  4. or use this: https://www.amazon.com/EBC-Brakes-CT006-Clutch-Holding/dp/B0065WTIJ6
  5. This was discussed recently here:
  6. They do fine on pavement, but have a bad reputation for off-road. I've used them for commuting on freeways and have no complaints. An added bonus is that you can buy them cheap from all the people that take them off when new and practically give them away. If you are planning to use the bike for commuting, they'll work fine. You can have a second set of wheels for dirt knobbies if you have the $ and don't mind changing the wheels for the off road trips.
  7. Hope you're not down there tonight, we're expecting rain.
  8. You have to check the cable routing to see if there is anything that would cause binding, like a too sharp bend or something else.
  9. Only thing even close to that is the cushions that hold down the gas tank on my s model.
  10. And watch where you're stopping to be sure you don't try to put your foot down in a pot hole or a low spot in the road.
  11. Change the main jet, it'll run better at elevation. It's not that hard to do, and do the 3x3 mod while you're at it. In the past when I did week long trips for riding I found it was good to have a spare cleaned and oiled air filter or two, especially when riding in dusty conditions. But my buddy didn't rejet or change his air filter and did all the same rides, so I guess the important part is just getting out and riding.
  12. probably not too bad if you're a machinist. if it can be done for a honda grom, it can be done for the drz. https://www.50stunt.com/HONDA_GROM_MSX125_LEFT_HAND_DUAL_CALIPER_HANDBRAKE_p/mmst-msxdcb13.htm
  13. that's the accelerator pump. sounds like the diaphragm may have a tear and is letting gas through. my fcr doesn't have that fitting, maybe an overflow?
  14. Looks like you bolted the motor to a 3x6 (?). Is that pretty stable for working on the motor?