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  1. Maybe I secretly want to go back to my 2 stroke. I will ride it and see if the performance has changed at all. Thank you for suggestions.
  2. Thank you for answering, yes it idles fine but no it has no bog while riding. It only bogs while in neutral on the stand. When I was riding (coming off 2 strokes) it just didn't seem like it had the "awesome" power that I have heard about. I tended to stall it alot coming into corners. Maybe it is my lack of familiarity with 4 strokes??? The bog just happens on the stand in neutral I just don't think it should do that.......this bad. Thanks
  3. I checked the slide, I checked the accelerator pump, I checked the ball valve in the float bowl for easy movement. Switched to a 48 pilot does a little better with fuel screw 2 turns out. Stock main in stock position. The guys at the shop say a 4 stroke (RMZ 450) wont go from idle to wide open with out a bog. It does it when the choke is on I tell them. A small bog I understand, this is a almost die, pop, I can't breathe bog. They shake their heads as if in deep thought and grunt. Cursing under their breath like their mother in law dropped in for a visit. Rolling on the throttle = no bog. This is all done on the stand, it runs fine w/out a bog while in motion. Idles ok. I don't think it is right ......just like when O.J. got away. Any thoughts would be appreciated
  4. oneduke

    Jetting RMZ 450

    I haven't actually checked the plate, but I will. The hot start is ok. I will check it tommorrow. thank you
  5. oneduke

    Jetting RMZ 450

    Thanks for your reply but unfortunately I did not have the slide out. I have not checked the accelerator pump, it is a brand new bike you would think it would be ok huh? Jumping from 42 to 52 with no difference doesn't seem right. thank you
  6. I have looked at some other posts, and am fairly knowledgable about jetting but this seems weird. Lean condition with a 42 pilot so I moved up to 52 pilot. Still same lean condition, runs good with the choke on, turn the choke off and it all but dies when going from idle to wide open. Get the rpms up a little and it does ok. Seems like it shouldn't be that far off. This is ohio, no mountains or thin air. Any thoughts??