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  1. Sounds good, i will go there and check it out.
  2. Hello, I am new to the trials world and looking to find a good used bike to get started. I am looking to spend around 3000 for a good used trails bike. Anyone Know of any bikes for sale in the area?
  3. Are you looking for one?? we might be able to work something out.
  4. all the parts cost me 100... not bad, i wanted a sturdy coating for the racks
  5. Thank Yea, I think it will work well, its light weight but very sturdy!!
  6. Installed my parts today....
  7. Got the parts back from powder coating...
  8. Made a few more parts this weekend. I made a mounting bracket for aux light up front and a headlight guard. I was quoted about 100 to get them all coated. Anyone else have this done? sound like a good deal?
  9. put on some finishing touches on the racks
  10. Thanks, I like the way they turned out. I am going make a set for my friends DRZ before taking them for quote on powder coating. Not sure what that will cost yet. But still should be way under 250$
  11. Got out the welder and torch today... Making a set of racks for the DR. also made a fender rack now just need to get them powder coated...