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  1. ReDnEcK250

    So what has TP been up to?

    All i gotta say is it wasnt his day to go i guess? Lucky dogs
  2. ReDnEcK250

    O/T: My great news!

    Congrats!!!! I've been down by Miami and its awsome. I have some family down that way and have about 50 acre's to ride plus theres plenty of dirt roads and hills to climb. When you get down there you should email me sometime and my buddies and i will go riding!!!
  3. Man i hope you get better!!!!! Stay with it you will start getting that itch when spring starts coming around.
  4. ReDnEcK250

    Loamy Lovers Video

    Right on man!!!! cant wait to build mine
  5. ReDnEcK250

    Delaware enduro

    Damn that one crash looked like it had to hurt some But its still awsome to watch these vids.
  6. WOW!!!!! Thats freaking awsome!!!!!!!! someday when i grow up i wanna be be just like them lol
  7. ReDnEcK250

    Carnegie AHRMA Nat'l MX

    Cool beans man!!!! ride it like you stole it LOL
  8. ReDnEcK250

    new bike old body Broken ribs

    Man that suxs!!!! i've always been the guy in the group that when we stop to take a break i always check my gas and oil and sometimes they get mad at me but o well i didnt pay close to 6K for a bike and have low oil in it and gas. Good Luck
  9. ReDnEcK250

    French Trailride

    all i gotta say is that would kill me LOL
  10. Im running the banks power elbow, Big Head waste gate and the monster exhaust with the superchips 3 staged chip and AFE Stsged 2 intake kit and wow what a change from stock. My egt's are low and my boost is great. I have over 191,000mi's on her and never let me down yet. As a rule of thumb you always start from you tip of the exhaust to the front of the engine for mods. If you have any ?'s about your truck let me know I love them ol' 7.3's
  11. I drive an early 99 F-350 cc dually 4x4 6psd. with the awesome 7.3L Stroker over 191,000 on her and she still runs like new
  12. ReDnEcK250

    Ford truck forums?

    www.fordtruckworld.com Im a member and theres TONS of knowlege on there. But all the other forums said befor are great also so look at them all. I own a stroker and would never give her up for nothing!!!
  13. I have an early 99 7.3L F-350 CC dually 4x4 with the 6spd. 191,873mi. I get from 10-14mpg all the time. It doesn't matter how i drive it, since i put lots of mods on it for the power you loose fuel mpg. I haul 28ft. gooseneck,4 place snowmobile trailer,20ft stock trailer,hopper wagons. when I'm hauling down the road i don't like to be the one slowing down the traffic if i can.
  14. ReDnEcK250

    saturdays snowy ride pics....

    I just took my paddle tire off yesterday and i was talking to a guy while i said to him i should leave it on hear for shits and giggles and see what it would be like in the snow but our snow is still month an half away and thats to long to wait them paddle tires tear the crap out of my yard LOL
  15. ReDnEcK250

    Little help please.....

    Maby this could have worked in this case but i have done this be for with other bolts and what not. I weld a bolt or some type of rod to it and put vise grips on it and turn it out. DO NOT GET HAPPY WITH THE WELDING!! just a good tack weld. Glad to hear you got it out PS. make sure that its metal not aluminum that requires different setup.