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  1. Yamaha

    what i have been hearing is they have the yz timing so that means is it already has the cam mod. if you try the cam mod on the 06 its possible you will get engine damage. im running on my 06 yoshi full exhaust with stock filter. lid off. 50 pilot 05 needle 5th clip and 172 main the bike runs perfect. from start to finish. i had esr intake with 178 main seemed to lose top end.
  2. Yamaha

    2006 yfz450, decided to check mine sure enough one bolt was loose.
  3. Yamaha

    Well good for you. My bike is getting rejetted. im sure it will be alot better.
  4. Yamaha

    thanks for your help i am taking it to a different shop.
  5. Yamaha

    i have a40 pilot,178 main. wene you jetted the 06 did you do anything to the needle?
  6. Yamaha

    on my yfz450 o6 i am running 40 pilot 178 main dont have cam mod. when i was in glamis i didnt take out the spark arrestor maybe thats why i couldnt get any top end.
  7. i have 06yfz450 with esr intake,yoshi full exhaust, main jet & pilot was changed. Now the bike does not go any faster than a stock 05yfz450 took it to glamis could not beat a stock 450 in a drag. shouldnt the bike be a little faster. was very dissapointed. not much top end? any suggestions.?
  8. Yamaha

    dissapointed, have 06 yfz 450 ,esr intake, yoshi full exhaust.the main jet bigger but not sure what size,and pilot was changed.the mechanic told me to get these parts and the bike is going to hall ass. i took it to glamis on holloween weekend. the bike ran great very tourky but did not beat a stock 05yfz450.even switched riders still woudent beat a stock bike. i know it was stock it was my cousins. the stock bike even felt faster than mine.any suggestions?