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    100 with hard to pull clutch lever

    Thanks for the info, just got back in from the garage and I took off the tank, there are no sharp bends or kinks in the cable so I disconnected it and moved it back and forth, it moves freely so I lubed, lubed and lubed it some more, Today I spoke to my local dealer and the head mechanic told me about extending the actuator arm for easier pull also said maybe to try the different perch and lever idea. I have ordered a MSR Easy Pull Lever and perch. Will try that and see if it helps. I put all new factory honda clutch parts in it. I can't tell you how nice it is to get as many thoughts on this as I have gotten. Thanks to all for the info. Will let you know what works if anything. You are definitely appreciated. Thanks again Eric
  2. Hello there everyone, I am new here, and just bought my son his first clutch bike however the clutch is harder to pull than my 250. So I put new clutch plates both fiber and metal along with new springs. Still not any better that is what i get because I bought it used it is a 2002 model. Any ideas as to what to look for would be fantastic. thanks in advance Eric