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    I will tell you that a dealer will not loose money on an '05 or '06 bike, especially here in the south east U.S. where Dual Sports are either in high demand or in low availability - whichever is the case. I'm in Florida and called dealers in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and here in Florida, and most of them had sold every dual sport they had. I gave every one I called my best "out the door price" and asked if they could beat it. Some did while others laughed and said "I'm selling them all day for M.S.R.P." DO NOT pay M.S.R.P. - if you are going to make an offer, go several hundred dollars LOWER than what you felt was a good deal to you. You may get surprised with a quick acceptance on your price, this is usually a sign you could have negotiated lower! DON'T feel bad about walking out of the dealership. You can always come back later with the intention of re-negotiating the price. DO give them your phone numbers because they will sometimes call you back and accept or beat your best offer or deal. Make sure you tell them that "out the door" price includes tag, tax, freight, assembly, and ANY OTHER fees that will be added to the price - some like to play dumb and tack on some "fee" they "forgot" to mention to you - after you are sitting in the chair (very excited about getting the bike) and signing the papers. DO NOT let they excitement of getting a new bike take you over and rush you into a purchase...you will regret this 99% of the time (usually after you see a bike advertised several hundred dollars less than what you negotiated for!) As previous posts stated, if you are paying cash you have a better ability to negotiate, they can't use the finance percentages to negotiate with you. That said, I found a dealer in Alabama that only had one '05 DR650SE (the '06's were on order during this time) and after some "heavy negotiating" with prices other dealers had given me, and some "I can't pay that price" poor-mouthing, I walked out the door with it for $4,300 including freight/assembly/misc. fees. This didn't include Florida taxes, I think that was an additional $265 +/-. So as a bottom line I would say a dealer would come down to (at least) $4,300 before taxes. Like some of the previous Post said, the sales person is not your best friend. Keep this in mind when negotiating and haggling prices - DO NOT feel guilty or embarrassed to try and pull that price down!!! I'm not saying that salesmen are bad people, their job is to make some money on the sale, but not rip you off!! I have encountered some really slick smooth talkers, but there are some really down to earth people out there just trying to make a fair living selling bikes.