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  1. EastBayThumper

    Pismo Beach, NOW RUST!!! newb

    I have a pretty new 2005 YZ450F. I am still learning how to properly maintain it.. Today was my first time removing my chain.. I am cleaning it in Kerosine. I am going to remove my shift linkage and give it a lube as well as my front tire.... What can I do to get rid of the nasty rust in that bolt.. and keep my sprockets nice and clean?? Doesn't seem like Simple Green 50/50 will be enough.. Any info/links will be appreciated!!! Thanks.
  2. EastBayThumper

    Do I really need an '06???

    SAVE $2000 and get the '05. You will not regret it.. Sure you don't get an aluminum frame or pro-tapers but you still get a bike with more balls than you can probably handle. Screw 5 gears also! If you want 5 gears get a dang WR! You will love the 05, i DO!
  3. they aren't that great lookin
  4. EastBayThumper

    Splitting lanes video

    Nice, you are skilled and have balls, screw those crazy soundin people from UK.. and **** that guy that would wanna see a door open!
  5. EastBayThumper

    spark arrestor

    PRO MOTO BILLET !!! hands down the best for your stock muffler. All they do is drill the rivets off your current tip and replace it with a neat new one. You can also remove the silencer or spark arrestor with a wrench whenever you feel like it. best buy!
  6. EastBayThumper

    chest protector

    Any advice on Chest Protectors + Camel Backs
  7. EastBayThumper

    Do you stop, or do you... GO

    Shoulda kept the engine on until you knew it was a friendly or let him beat your ass so you can sue him the american way!
  8. EastBayThumper

    Buy a 250F or a 450F?

    The 450 FEELS much heavier than the 250. If you plan on doing more hill climbing and trail riding than hitting the track all the time I'd say for sure the 450F! If you dream of getting into racing I'd say go with the 250F. I had the 250 last year and it felt soo much lighter than my current 450. Handling and control of the 250 is much much easier. I am 150 LBS 5'11. I still love my 450 but it will still be a few weeks before I can tame her!
  9. EastBayThumper

    2003 Yamaha YZ450 weird noise - chain slap?

    I bet it is your chain slapping. All my YZ's have had this problem and you usually don't notice it right away. Anyone have another solution besides just tightening the chain?
  10. EastBayThumper

    Golden Bolt. 05 yz450f

    common.. There HAS to be the ONLY OEM gold bolt on the entire BIKE.. Where does it go??? I took off the entire airbox, and rear plastics and still can't find it!
  11. EastBayThumper

    Golden Bolt. 05 yz450f

    I crashed a few weeks ago and bent my subframe. I finally have the bike back together but I can't figure out where this last bolt goes?! It is a long skinny gold bolt and washer.. All I took off was the airbox/subframe and rear plastics. Someone please help me!
  12. EastBayThumper

    Crashed at Sand Hill

    Any suggestions on where I should buy the new subframe? Should I stay away from the AC non-oem one?
  13. EastBayThumper

    Crashed at Sand Hill

    The track isn't bad... It seemed really rough though.. I haven't been on a track for about 6 months so I was a little rusty myself. Was it worth the $20 today? Yeah I had a good ****in time... I would have rather have done some trail riding to get used to my bike though. Here is a pic of my poor subframe.. and my bike, which before today looked brand new..
  14. EastBayThumper

    Crashed at Sand Hill

    Well.. from the showroom to hell and back.. My bike got ****ED-UP today. I was climbing the 2nd hill on the MX track and started slipping off the bike.. Rolled on too much throttle and the bike took off into the wall on the side of the hill... MY SUB FRAME IS SUPER BENT.. the exaust pipe was dead center over the rear tire... My rear fender and airbox also took some damage. I'm not really sure if I will need to replace my exaust yet.. The ThumperTalk store, which I have a membership with ONLY has parts for 04 YZ450F but NOT the 05???? Wouldn't the subframe and airbox case be the same for both years?
  15. I have an 05 YZ450F.. I want to ride this on the street next summer! This is a red sticker bike in california! That means you can't convert it to street legal easily? What about powder coating my frame covering up the VIN # and then getting it registered like a custom bike? CHOPPER 450???