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  1. Diode663

    Yz250f broken case fixable?

    If you find a good TIG welder he should be able to get it done. He is most likely just going to want the bare case though, no bearings, seals or anything else attached to it. Make sure to do a thorough degreasing as well.
  2. Yeah the trail to the reservoir is pretty gnarly, but I have to say I really wouldn't want to do it on a quad, there's no where to hide and my friend has waffled two rims. And yes, ne pa is a big rock garden, that's kinda how it is. There are some places as you can see in the video that you can build some serious speed, the only problem is you have to go through some hell to get there. I don't know how your suspension is set up but if you turn your clickers out it really makes it much easier on you, that and a steering stabilizer would be a good thing.
  3. I am terribly sorry you had such a bad time. Yes its pretty rocky, and goes to boulder fields at times, but its far better then paragon, and is pretty much par for the course in this area. It cant be that bad though, my girlfriend who rides an xr100 and just started riding this year gets around most parts of this place alright. What were you riding if you dont mind my asking?
  4. I have to apologize for the incessant clacking of the helmet cam against my helmet. Next time I will add some rubber between the two to stop that. If anyone has any ideas on how to remove that in premiere cs5 or any other program for that matter I would be grateful. Anyway about the video: Shot with a GoPro HD hero on r3 (720p @60fps) Edited in Premiere Pro CS5 to take out the boring parts. Filmed at the Lost Trails in Dunmore, PA The ride is from the parking lot to the two lakes. The lost trails is a great place to ride, albeit pretty rocky at times. I'm open for criticism. Thanks for watching.
  5. Diode663

    Slime in tubes?

    Yeah we dont have any cactus in my neck of the woods, thank god. And no I have no idea about that kind of vegetation. The only thing I have to deal with is endless rocks and for that the bridgestone hd works well for that.
  6. Diode663

    2007 YZ450 off road dilemma

    The jd kit really helped stalling on my bike. That combined with a 51 tooth rear made the bike more friendly then I could have hoped for. But I think once its jetted right it just comes down to clutch control.
  7. get the thinnest gloves you can, thick gloves and grips will cause more fatigue. And yes, go to the local climbing gym, it builds grip strength and will definitely get your hands gnarly and blister proof in a hurry.
  8. Diode663

    Slime in tubes?

    I cant imagine how heavy your wheels are with the bridgestone hd tubes filled with slime. I run the hds and I have never flatted one. Just run the correct pressure and you will be fine.
  9. Diode663

    What is the best chain lube??

    I use wd as well, it keeps the chain sparkling and all you really have to do is keep the o rings moist. The grease on the points that matter is contained inside of the o rings. But do whatever makes you happy, I don't think you will see much of a difference in life no matter what route you go on an o ring chain. Just a curious side note, has anyone ever used clp on their chain?
  10. Diode663

    Repairing Damaged Radiators

    I can agree with the jb weld. Ive saved two rads that way. I recommend you dont try and bend it back into place though. That usually pulls the brazing apart and can cause the aluminum to tear. Just pull some of the fins out, sand and throw some jb in there.
  11. Diode663

    Tire Changing Stand

    If you would bend that you need to change your technique.
  12. Diode663

    Hydraulic Clutch for 2010 YZ450F

    I don't have a reckluse and I love my hydro clutch. It has has such a smooth feel to it that I dont know that I would ever go back.
  13. Yeah forgetting the plug is a common occurrence for me, I have a few dents in the garage door from the plug. And I used to do the same thing as above with the petcock, now I only turn it off if transporting or I have to lay it over for some reason.
  14. Yes 70s series are ok for cromoly, as well as 80sd2. If you use 4130 you will have to have the welds heat treated and its not worth it as you will achieve perfect results with the first two rods, I would definitely take it to someone who tig welds and can tell you what hes going to do without you having to explain it.
  15. Diode663

    polished rod?

    A polished rod also has less drag as it sloshes through the oil. Dont laugh, every little bit helps.