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    I'm starting an outreach motocross team here in Northern CA.
  1. RacersRefuge

    06 rmz jingle jangle engine noise

    I've never had drive chain noise, but when my idle is set too low you can hear alot of noise from the decompression trying to kick in.
  2. RacersRefuge

    I'm coming to the dark side

    The service manual that comes with the bike is surprisingly good. It's a full on maintenance manual. You won't need anything else. There are alot of guys on here that do not have a problem with the stock bars, but they feel WAY stiff to me. I think my Twinwalls on my last bike had more flex than these do. I am replacing them with Flexx bars. Oh, and junk the stock grips..........unless you enjoy blisters.
  3. RacersRefuge

    Dissapointed with the '06

    No, I just bought my first RMZ450, I'm not planning on getting a second. The 06 YZ450 may be a great bike, but the local Yamaha dealer is getting really big (read: big corporate like) and they are charging UNREAL prices for their bikes. I got my 06 RMZ450 for...........you ready for this???..........$1900 cheaper out the door than they wanted for the YZ450. I love my RMZ450. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I think the reason that the Yamaha shop was charging so much was so that I would go look at other bikes. I found my race steed for this season. I'll all Suzuki now! Do tell how your 480 runs once you get it all back together.
  4. RacersRefuge

    Dissapointed with the '06

    Yeah, well. I was going to wait till I sold my truck to buy my new bike. But I couldn't wait any longer and went and picked the new bike up. One my way home with my new bike in the back of my truck, I got a call from a guy who wanted to look at it. He came, looked at it, and bought it on the spot. Crazy how things work out.
  5. RacersRefuge

    false neutral

    To those of you who are missing shifts. What brand/type (semi syn, full syn, pet based, etc.) oil are you running? Duration between oil changes?
  6. RacersRefuge

    Going Yellow today

    Stock Renthals are VERY stiff. Pro Tapers flex more.
  7. RacersRefuge

    Dissapointed with the '06

    I LOVE the motor on my 06. I remember reading in a magazine that the 06 RMZ450 was like an automatic. Put it in 3rd and leave it except for the occasional click to fourth on a fast straight away. I thought, there is no way that a bike can be smooth and yet have enough power to pull 3rd out of corners. Well, they weren't lying! Awesome bike. One thing I noticed when first throwing a leg over it was the seat height. But once you are in motion the bike is light and maneuverable. Can't wait to start racing it .
  8. RacersRefuge

    custom graphics

    Looks like a Honda! Are you ashamed of yellow?
  9. RacersRefuge

    Recommended Glide Plate.

    Before condoning someone for purchasing an aftermarket product, maybe you should look at the situation from someone else's perspective. By the time I bought a sheet of Titanium, then bought the tools to cut it, I would have spent about 5 times as much as I could buy one from WC for. Not everyone is lucky enough to have jobs where there are sheets of titanium just laying around and plasma torches to cut it with.
  10. RacersRefuge

    custom graphics

    I was looking into having 180 design and make some graphics for me. But after talking to them via the phone and emails, I'm taking my business elsewhere. Customer service is pretty important to me, and they were definitely lacking in this area. They were down right rude. Just thought I would throw my opinion out there.
  11. RacersRefuge

    Exhaust plug

    Maybe if you have a buddy sitting behind your bike. It's not like it would hurt em. Other than that, I don't know any applications.
  12. RacersRefuge

    Exhaust plug

    OK, just a suggestion here. Don't try and start your bike with the exhaust plug in. It'll start, but it doesn't like it and it shoots it out like a potato once it does start.
  13. RacersRefuge

    Throttle Slack

    Boyesen Quickshot Accelerator pump cover!
  14. RacersRefuge

    2007 450?

    How is the FI on the quad working out? Has anyone even seen the FI'd quad in action?
  15. RacersRefuge

    Stock Muffler/ Spark Arrestor???

    Pro moto billet has a pretty cool spark arrestor hat goes on the stock exhaust can. It replaces the stock end cap. It's very trick looking. At least the new one they just came out with is. The old style aren't very cool. Plus, they have a quiet insert that makes your bike less than 96 dB.