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    DRZ amp draw

    Hello, I assume the starter is the largest current draw on the DRZ.. Anyone know how much the starter draws on a stock 07 drz400s? Reason I ask is because I want to install a battery cut off switch..My bike sits in the garage for weeks at a time and the cluster drains the bat..I have a new bat and brkt coming from Eddie S and don't want to kill the new bat... So what amp rating should I look for in a switch? .. BTW. yes I do have a bat tender and will use this along with the cut off switch, and the switch makes for a nice anti theft device.. Thanks:ride:
  2. To Jetmoto owners or other China bike owners. Lowering ???? Can the rear spring pre load be adjusted on these bikes? Can the front fork tubes slide up in the clamps? Reason I ask is I want to get one of these bikes for my 5 foot 100lb nephew. Thanks