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  1. Pekarek903

    what oil do you run?

    i agree with josh above. you could put the most expensive or cheap oil you want in your bike....and they both are going to be dirty when you drain it. use something reasonably cheap and decent quality and change it every 3 or 4 rides. I run GN4 in the motor and HP Trans Oil in the clutch/tranny
  2. Pekarek903

    Plug Cost

    i got mine from Rocky Mountain for i believe 10 bucks, now they are up to 25
  3. Pekarek903

    07 144sx

    Try Letko Cycles in Kansas City, KS. I know that they have one in stock. http://www.letko.com/
  4. For anyone looking for an 07 505 sxf, we have one in stock at the dealership i work at Cycle Zone KTM in Topeka, KS. http://cyclezonektm.com/ Give us a call and ask for Mike if you are interested in one.
  5. Pekarek903

    Poor little sx bike

    hey, i know that squirrel treading through that water
  6. Pekarek903

    Area51 Training Compound...

    awesome track dude!!!
  7. Pekarek903

    shock play

    I had that same knocking noise on my 05 crf250. i couldn't feel any play at all in the shock...just heard the knock. i just replaced the top spherical bearing on the top of the shock and the knock went away and all was well You might check to see maybe if the hole on the frame that the bolt goes through is not perfectly round anymore.
  8. Pekarek903

    bike warmup

    i wait until the ignition and clutch cover are warm
  9. Pekarek903

    Cam bearing problem..possibly. HELP PLEASE

    I had a problem with the tips of the lobes on my came turn a slight blue color. i took everything apart and inspected it. The cam miked out ok, the bearings were fine and everything checked out ok, so i put it back together and my stuff runs good.
  10. Pekarek903

    2007 Spark Plug

    I have an 05 crf 250, and i have only changed my plug twice. basically once a year. Do the 06 and 07 still use that ridiculously expensive spark plug that the 05 used? If so...Rocky Mountain sells that plug for $10.00, which is almost 1/3 of what that thing retails for.
  11. Pekarek903

    Area 51 MX

    Has anyone on here ridden at Area 51 mx park? I will be hitting up Cooperland on April 28th to practice all day and was thinking about making my way over to Area51 on Sunday to practice. Are they open pretty much anytime during the week?
  12. Pekarek903

    Korr ?

    I think for the simple fact that it just wasn't pulling in the riders.
  13. That bike is weak.... one of my friend's has an 05 KTM 250SX that looks way better than that thing...and his 05 KTM 450 SX looks even better than his 250:ride:
  14. Pekarek903

    Whats with all the valve problems?

    I have had the same great luck with my 05. never had to adjust the valves. I replaced the piston and valves about a year a go just for the heck of it. runs great!!!! i too wish i had put an hour meter on it when i got in Sep. of '04
  15. Pekarek903

    best honda bike contest

    Here is mine....I dont know how to post an actual picture http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=34851