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  1. time to find another dealer......still waiting on mine. try this site! www.supermotojunkie.com
  2. there is large drop off with several large rocks if you go through the middle.....we forgot to tell her about it.....oops
  3. last week this creek was bigger and my friend layed her bike down in the middle......makes for a bad day http://media.putfile.com/Creek-crossing
  4. the only comment I can muster up is........ WOW
  5. Listen to YoungGun and Goodhands they are right on the money..... I also have a 2002 xr400 and so far no need for a tool kit. Just got back from a ride through 6 inches of unexpected snow....note to self.....xr's make slow snowmobiles but I still never got stuck (a wr450 did several times but it was was probably just the tire........ who knows)
  6. WOW.....very nice!!!!, unfortunately you were a few feet away from winning a Darwin award
  7. Gumby on speed
  8. Good luck, that has always been a dream of mine. Be sure to take plenty of pics.
  9. Ahhhh I just perfomed gordon's mods on my 02 xr400. I did not expect much but whoooo hooo that was time, and money (not much of either) well spent.....thanks