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  1. beezer

    Anyone Try these pivoting levers?

    I use the mirror mount on the stock clutch perch and use the choke lever for my FCR so I don't know if this ones going to work. But thanks for the offer Eric.
  2. beezer

    Anyone Try these pivoting levers?

    Those ASV levers are sweet.
  3. beezer

    XR650L Rebuild soon, looking for advice

    When I was younger and broke I'd take the valve and put some lapping compound on it and spin it with a drill in the head.
  4. beezer

    Oil weep after rebuild

    That's a good idea Eric.
  5. I would go back and check the jet kit installation. Backfire means it's lean.
  6. beezer

    Brand new XR60L oil doesn't register

    All's well that ends well. Now you can ride the thing with some peace of mind and not worry about it grenading on you.
  7. beezer

    Cam chain questions

    Another satisfied customer !
  8. beezer

    Brand new XR60L oil doesn't register

    After they address your bikes issues I wouldn't set foot in there again. It sounds like their service department is poorly run and service is about the only thing still keeping a dealership open.
  9. beezer

    Brand new XR60L oil doesn't register

    They couldn't fix it?
  10. beezer

    Brand new XR60L oil doesn't register

    It sounds like the oil wasn't checked at the dealership when they prepped it. Depending on how low on oil it was you may or may not have done damage. I doubt it had the correct amount of oil it and burned it off in 100 miles, you would have seen the smoke. It's a shame that you have to check everything on a brand new bike but you do. I had a bike delivered to me with no air filter in it.
  11. beezer

    Shorai Battery Q

    I have a bunch of bikes with Shorai and Zero Gravity batteries and it doesn't make a difference what charger I use. I think the Zero Gravity batteries are higher quality then the Shorai.
  12. beezer

    Tubliss gen 2 for the XRs

    It must be me then. I have Tubliss on 4 bikes and the tires all go flat in a couple of days. The bladders don't leak but the tires do. They do give great traction and no flats so I live with them losing air.
  13. beezer

    Engine Restoration - Which paint

    Nice looking bike.
  14. beezer

    CRF230 front fender on XR650L

    How does it hold up? Does heat and mud stain it?
  15. beezer

    CRF230 front fender on XR650L

    I like the coating on that header. What is that?
  16. beezer

    Tubliss gen 2 for the XRs

    I have them on some offroad bikes I have and they work fine for them but I don't on my XR. They always leak air slowly even with slime. You always have to check air pressure before you go out. On my XR I use heavy duty tubes.
  17. beezer

    Recently got a 03 wrf450

    Just the gear.
  18. I always preferred to go alone. If I got hurt there was always someone I knew there to load my stuff up and pour me into my truck so I could get home. At my age I think the couch is more dangerous than riding.
  19. beezer

    Recently got a 03 wrf450

    Stock the 03's would shear the flywheel key. Mine did and I had a long push back. The fix was a different starter idler gear I think it was an 04. Other that it was a pretty reliable bike.
  20. beezer

    Need a Cam for XR650L

    I run the Web Cam 450/451 in my L. It runs pretty good but it is expensive with the hardened rockers. I'd make sure to put a Ignitech programmable CDI box on it. The cdi box with the right curve in it makes a big difference.
  21. beezer

    XR650l Broken piston Major Damage

    Thanks Hollerhead. I try and buy from mcma11 because he's helped me out so many times in the past.
  22. beezer

    XR650l Broken piston Major Damage

    I really like the allen head valve cover bolts. Are those for sale?
  23. I have no idea how much power it's putting out to be honest. Since it has such a big flywheel it revs much slower than a 450. It has a torquey pull which makes it a ball to ride on the street. I ride it more than I thought I would. Since that picture was taken I put a ported big fin head on it and I noticed the difference.
  24. Getting more horsepowers out of an L isn't hard just expensive. But the end result to me was worth it.