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  1. My girl on the wr:applause:
  2. pops 56

    wr 450 crank question?

    You are right about no regular maintenance. I owned a motor bike shop for a while. Hard to work some people out .Good luck with the rebuild .
  3. pops 56

    wr 450 crank question?

    Sorry to say I think he is right cam chain sprocket on the crank shaft is part of the crank. Is it worn?. I replaced my cam chain at 10.000 klm the cam chain sprocket was like new?
  4. pops 56

    400ex smoking

    Hi . Did you have the valve seals replaced on the rebuild ? The only reason i ask is i rebuilt my girls 400ex and with the extra compresson of the new piston and rings the seals could not hold the oil any more. Replaced the valve seals and no more blue smoke.
  5. pops 56

    wr400 feels like missing in 5th gear

    Hi ncampion. You might want to check this http://www.dirtbikeworld.net/forum/showthread.php?t=21502 Or do a search here 5 gear problems.
  6. pops 56

    any aussies?

    Port Augusta South Australia. O4 wrf. 03 raptor. Still lots of places to ride here but it is getting harder.
  7. pops 56

    Rekluse Z-start auto clutch....

    Taken the recluse off my wr .All the riding i do is fast desert stuff. I liked it the few times i have been riding snotty single track with lots of trees,rocks hills ect but i don't see any advantage on fast open tracks .My two cents worth.
  8. pops 56

    03 wr450f 5th gear slip

    Try this link up to 60% off retail good people to deal with. http://www.jp-parts.com/index.html
  9. pops 56

    03 wr450f 5th gear slip

    Hi wr450rideruk. Have you tried a search for 5th gear problems? Lots of info on the site about it. I am on my second gearbox rebuild. Also you might want to Check this out.http://www.dirtbikeworld.net/forum/showthread.php?t=21502
  10. Thank you for your replys . And a big thank you for the offer to help from (honda05:worthy: ). My Mate i was trying to get the exhaust for here in australia got in contact with the seller in America and worked out a price for him to post it to Australia. The exhaust was secondhand and cost him $55.00 with $49.00 postage. 4 to 5 weeks delivery time . The only option he had in Australia was a new one at $489.00. He has been looking for a secondhand one for a while now in OZ with no luck. gottogomoto (I think that the world would be a lot better place to live in if there was more Trust in your fellow man:thumbsup: ) Outcome mate is happy, owner of the part for sale happy, and i am happy that I could help someone today. WIN WIN WIN. Thanking you Ian from OZ.
  11. Hi I am looking for some help from someone in the USA from these forums Please .My mate wants to buy a exhaust from a person in the USA from ebay, but he won't post to Australia.I will buy the exhaust and pay postage to there address in the USA .Then they can then send it on to me in Australia. I will forward the money for postage to Australia and more for your trouble. Can anyone help me out please ? Thanking you Ian.
  12. pops 56

    Excel Rim Price

    Anyone fitted there Blue rim up yet ? Did you have to get new spokes?
  13. pops 56

    Steering Stabilizer

    Scotts with Scotts t tree with regular mount .But I would like the sub mount just for the extra height