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  1. cherry181

    DR 350, some sus shit happening

    Guys thank you for your infomation. I will try it out after work this week. Mick what is the T-Vent modifucation for the carbie. Cheers Guys
  2. cherry181

    DR 350, some sus shit happening

    I don't know if it helps, my Dr is the enduro off road modle, with no battery and blinkers, horn ect.
  3. cherry181

    DR 350, some sus shit happening

    Hey guys I have a 95 DR 350 and having some problems. The bike runs fine, runs routh and then smooth and then might sturggle and stall. It also looses power and runs crap, it just wont rev out. Some times it fixes its self and runs fine but when I go to start it the next day it runs crap again. When it is doing this and I am riding it, it runs bad, then might kick up for a second and continues to run bad then kick up again, I might turn it off then in 2 minutes start is and it is fine. When it first started happening a new plug would fix it (I think). It is really strange it is a inconsistet problem as it can occur at any time. I am convinced it is not a carbie problem. I have been told that the stator is probably stuffed, however I don't want to go and get it rewound if it is not the problem. Can anyone help me. Cheers