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  1. just push the button above with the mountains on it. The pic has to be in the web, not on a local drive
  2. wr250nik

    white 07

  3. wr250nik

    '07 WR/YZ 250f, WR450f, or RMZ250f ????

    go blue. It's best! No, go white
  4. Sorry for such a simple question but i couldn't find the answer in the manual. I bought a rev meter and when I set it to 4stroke 1 piston the rpm was way too high. I the manual is written that there are 360degree 4strokes and 720degree 4strokes and if it's a 360 it should be set to 2stroke 1 piston. anyone knows the answer??? :applause:
  5. wr250nik

    CDI 01 same as 03 ??

    Hi, does anyone know if the cdi of a wr250f 01 is mapped same as an 03. In the vortex cdi specs they diferentiate between 01 and 03.. would a vortex cdi for an '03 run well on a '01 ?
  6. wr250nik

    02 wr250f cam moding your opinion

    best thing I ever done for me and my yammie. Easy and worth every cent. No need to change both cams, it's just the exhaust that matters (autodeco). mods in order of importance: autodeco cam (with yz exhaust-timing) exhaust (DR.D) JD-Jetting decals
  7. wr250nik

    pictures of modified bikes.

    what about this one?
  8. wr250nik

    pictures of modified bikes.

    WR 250f '01
  9. wr250nik


    Does anyone know if a '01 wr426Tank fits on a '01 yzf250?? thanks for reply nik
  10. wr250nik

    Dr. D Exhaust on a WR250?

    I run the DR.D Exhaust on my WR250 and it rocks. Even with silencer it's a hell of a difference to stock, but open it pulls from bottom to top end. I bought it because of a benchmark in wich it was the winner in relation of the price. nik
  11. I ride my wr only on tracks: stiffer suspension, no lights (MX-rearfender, frontnumberplate), cut all the crap like kickstand and you'll be fine:ride: >(see my garage) Glen Helen must be a bit of a chalenge though:eek:
  12. wr250nik

    02,WR 250 jetting

    I think that most information about this topic you will find in the sticky.