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    Valve Recall Dealer Mechanic Nightmare

    yes, it's a disaster. they took the head off, and found that the valves contacted the piston. I asked them if they had a shop manual, and if they were certain that they unwound the timing chain tensioner. They said they have manuals, and that they know all about these engines, they work on them all the time, etc. etc. They obviously don't know squat. They said the orderred all new valves, and would fix it. They tried to pin it on me, as if I somehow was responsible for it. I asked him how I could possibly be responsible for bending the new valves, which they installed, being that I never picked up the bike. I only started it in their shop, and heared the noise, and then immediately turned it off. Should they change the piston since it's been banging against the valves? I'm really dissappointed, because I knew they were going to break it. Then a friend told me they have one good mechanic there, and I trusted him. It's Yamaha,honda, kawasaki, suzuki of North Hollywood that's created this mess. I'll never buy another bike from them again. Any ideas on what I should do? What other damages should I look for in the motor? How can I tell if the timing chain tensioner has been properly tightened? I want to check it before I leave the shop. Any help would be much appreciated. I started on 4 strokes overseas, when I lived in Thailand for the last 4 years. I just moved here couple months ago. over there the mechanics are very good. this would never happen, and if it did, they would fix it before I ever picked it up, and would pay me not to say anything. they actually care about their reputations. These guys are a bunch of slackers.
  2. yzf250thailand

    bent valves after recall work

    This is lovely. I took my o6 in for the valve recall replacement. I had a horrible feeling that it would be worse off after they took it apart. Sure enough, I go to pick it up, I start it, and it sounds like something is rubbing, knocking inside. I told them, they said...."ah, a little engine noise, it's a four stroke, don't worry about it" I've had every year yzf 250 since 02. I know how they are supposed to sound. I left it with them and told them to take it apart and fix it...before they left, they really tried to pin it on me..."what ever's wrong, it's not our fault, we just replaced the valves....your going to have to pay 85 and hour for any work that isn't covered under the recall" Then, they call me back, with this "yeah, all the valves are bent....we don't know if it something the mechanic did, of if it's a pre existing problem.." I said THE VALVES, YOU JUST PUT THEM IN! HOW COULD I HAVE POSSIBLY BENT THEM? They said, "we're investigating this, and if it's mechanic fault, we'll cover it, but if it's pre-existing, you'll have to cover it". I'm so angry about this. Why wouldn't they just except responsibility for this? I want to call the Yamaha Corporate office and complain. Anybody know how to reach them? what's their number?
  3. I knew it would happen. I got the recall for my 2006 YZF months ago, but I wanted to wait, because I didn't want to be the first person to get it done at my local dealer. I figured by now they must have done dozens of them....Yamaha of NorthHollywood sells alot of bikes. I took it in, requested the one mechanic that I was told knew his stuff...and they botched it. I get to the dealer and start the bike, and it's making alot of noise. It sounds like something is clicking inside the valve gear area, and when I revved it up, it got ALOT LOUDER. I started it 3 times, but only ran it for about 30 seconds each time, but it never went away. I spoke to the mechanic, and he said he thought it sounded funny too.....his response was "I checked it out...I don't know....sounded funny to me too"... So what do I do? Obviously I don't take it home! I told them it ran fine, sounded fine, and was fine when I dropped it off. FIX IT! I got pretty Irate with them when they tried to tell me it was normal engine noise, but everyone's asking me why the bike sounds like it's going to blow up. Everyone was giving me dirty looks in that place, but they broke my bike!! I just moved here from overseas, and the mechanics we had in Asia were pretty good, and certainly not as expensive. I wish they would have just let me do it myself. I hate dealer mechanics. I have yet to meet one that know's what they are doing on 4 strokes.....they're really not that complicated. I suppose I should have left them my shop manual, I know they're too cheap to buy new ones every year. I'm not going to talk bad about this shop yet, because they have the oportunity to fix it. I sure hope they do. Anyone have any ideas what they could have done? I asked him what clearance he ran..I told him to put the intakes at .13mm He said he did. Who knows, maybe he used the inch's rather than metric.
  4. I want to do my valve recal, but I don't trust my local shop any further than I can throw em. Like most dealers, they don't know much about anything, and can't even find a shop manual for the 06's. When I brough mine in, they all gathered round to look at it. Really bad. Anyone know a good dealership, with a mechanic that know's what a feeler gauge is? I'm willing to drive. I'd do it myself, but heck, it's free. Also, Anyone wearing Tech 10 boots, beware. I had a real hard landing, and I injured my foot on the foot-peg. Broke my foot. I had an imprint of the peg on the bottom of my foot. Can you believe it? I couldn't. I thought for sure I must have hit the ground somehow, it was so bizzarre, but I didn't come off...although I bounced an awful long ways, and almost had a dirt sandwich. It hurt so bad, I had to be carried off the track. One of the most painful injuries ever. Throw those boots away. If anyone wants mine, their brand new, and I'll sell em for dirt, dirt cheap.
  5. yzf250thailand

    Carbs out EFI IN!

    2007 450's will have efi. Suzuki for sure. They already have it on their quad, and they are supposed to put it on the rmZ 450 for 07. I hear the same about honda and Yamaha. Look for stock EFI on the 250's in 08, no later for sure.
  6. yzf250thailand

    06 valve service CHECK YOUR CLEARANCES!

    You know, I'd really like to do that, bring the bike in and measure it in front of them, but the N. Hollywood Yamaha shop doesn't let customers in the shop area at all. I don't trust their mechanics at all. They're used to working on the occassional snow mobile, or ATV, but lets face it...they don't have much experience working on shims on YZF's, for obvious reasons. Namely, it's not something they see very often. Anybody know a good dealer, that has a mechanic that knows what he's doing?
  7. yzf250thailand

    Tech 10's broke my foot

    I broke my foot wearing tech 10's. It hurt so bad. I cased it really, really hard, and the footpegs on my yzf, are a bit narrow, and I had the imprint of the peg on the underside of my foot. Oh it hurt. It was about 3 months ago, and I'm able to ride now. I only wear Gaerne SG10 anymore. I had a set before, but I thought I'd get the tech 10's since everyone else has em. They stink, and I'm selling mine.
  8. yzf250thailand

    Powernow, Dr. D Exhaust

    Anybody know the power increase is for a Dr. D on a 06yzf250? Does the powernow really help? The stock pipe looks pretty good this year. With it's high tech step up system, is the Dr. D really better than the stock system, which is supposed to be so trick...according to Yamaha? And whatabout pwrnow? Does it work? The only gripe I have about my bike is the bit of a bog, or bubble I get when I short shift, and sometimes it doesn't pull consistently in tall gears, during jump sections where you need to use tall gears to be smooth. I'm trying to get a bit more umph out of the bike in the low and mid-range. I have a decent budget to do this, but I don't want to go to overboring, or cams, because I don't want to sacrifice reliability, at all. I've gone that route before and it's been nothing but headaches. Anybody can tell me the best mods to get more power out of the bike, without sacrificing reliability? THanks
  9. yzf250thailand


    Your right. Perris is closed today. (at least I didn't spell it Paris) I've just loaded the bike, and were headed to Elsinore. I hope their race track is open, last week it wasn't. It was windy too, which made jumping on the pro track dicey on the 250F. The problem I'm having with the front is just poor traction, nervous front end. Understeer entering corners. I thought that there must be a better tire, because these are problems I have never had with my 06 that has bridgstones, but that bike is overseas right now. I think that I'm just getting used to the different conditions. In thailand, were I ride mostly, the dirt is different. It's hard, but has some clay in it, which makes it takier. Because of the humidity, it doesn't dry out to the point of becoming rock hard like it does here. I think that I'm going to run this Dunlop for a while. But if anyone has had better luck with a different brand, I'm interested to hear about it. I went to the San Diego Supercross last night, and I talked to the tire guys at the Bridgestone tent. They were pushing the 601/602 combo. Better luck next time Ricky. Stewart ran a smart race, but I'm a Ricky fan through and through. What about McGrath! He's still the man. For him not to continue with the rest of the season is a crime. He's still got it, and 4th place finishes, consistently are worth a factory contract for millions!
  10. yzf250thailand


    I have a yzf 250, 06 model. I don't like the front tire much for Elsinor, and I have been told that a 756 would be better. Is that the right tire for the big track at Elsinor? What about Perris? I'm trying to go there tomorrow, and I have never been there before. Any ideas for the right tire? I have an 06 YZF250 overseas, and it came with Bridgestone 602-601 on it, and I really liked that set up. Seemed to be less nervous entering corners, and held the line on hard pack really, really well. The 739 danced around so much entering corners at Elsinor, I couldn't use the front brake nearly as much as I'm used to doing. I have been racing overseas in Asia for 4 years, and I'm new in California, and getting used to conditions. Any suggestions on what might be the best tire setup for the s. California dirt? Thanks
  11. yzf250thailand

    Tire Help 06

    Thanks for the help. I think I'll try the 756. What about Perris. I'm going there tomorrow, I've never been there. What would you run?
  12. yzf250thailand

    Tire Help 06

    I have an 06 I bought in Thailand, I race it there. It came with Bridgestone 601-602 combo. I like it, seems to handle just fine, I didn't have the problems I heard everyone talking about it not wanting to turn in. Matter of fact, it seemed to turn in better than my 05 with 756's on. I just came to California, bought an 06 and I rode at Elsinor today. It didn't seem to want to turn, and it was nervous as can be. It's got a 739 on the front. I want to change, but not sure which to run. Any ideas on what's the best for the typical s. cal track...hard pack, and after the water truck...slime. I wanted to try something other than the Bridgestones, because most people don't like em. Also, what about this radiator lowering kit, and the Applied clamps. I like the way the stock clamps look, but if the applied help turning alot, I'll get em, but I don't want to waste money if it's just hype.
  13. yzf250thailand

    06 KXF 250 lunched motor.

    You guys are acting like a bunch of knuckleheads. I owned two RMZ250's, an 04 and 05. Their valve trains stink. I race three/four events a month, and ride twenty days a month. So whereas most guys in the states are weekend warriors, who ride twice a month, of course their KXF/RMZ's might last two years before their valves go bad, but my 04 lasted only two months, then the valves got tight, and once the valves went tight and I adjusted them, I was able to get only about another 2 hours out of em before they were tight again. I replaced the valves, and did a valve job, but the valves only lasted 8-10 hours, before I would have to do it again. It was a nightmare...broken buckets was another hassle. I switched brands for 06, not because I didn't like the bikes, but because it was a pain in the rear. Now I got a bike that doesn't break all the time, but I miss the low end. Someone tell me. Did Kawasaki change the valve material, or do something else to deal with this problem?
  14. yzf250thailand

    2006 yz250f exhaust system

    Forget about GYT-R. I used one on my 05 and was completely dis-satisfied. It helped produce more top-end, but didn't do a thing for the bottom end. Mine was carbon/ti, and it broke almost 3 weeks into owning it. Carbon and whoops don't really mix that well. It cracks and breaks. I settled on a Dr. D. and was completely satisfied. It also sounds really good, and the can volume is about double stock. It's a quality pipe that doesn't break. I'm totally sold on Dr. D. Also, it cost about half of your GYT-R
  15. yzf250thailand

    best pipe ?

    I tried a GYTR, a Pro-Circuit, and finally kept a Dr. D on my 05. It's a great pipe. It make the YZ produce low end, which is exactly what it needs. It's also made of steel, which I like, because it doesn't break easily. GYTR was made of a carbon/ti combo, and it broke after 3 weeks. What a waste of money....not to mention that it made the low end worse than stock. The procircuit didn't do anything for the low end either and is not a good supercross pipe. seriously, Dr. D. does it right..it's got a much small exahaust hole 37 mm. GYT-R is about 44, and Pro C. is about 42. YZF's need low end help, not top end help.