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  1. yami_rida

    Onf 12/3

    Anyone want to go riding up at ONF this saturday?
  2. yami_rida

    CRF230 with bore kit comparable to a 250x?

    just mod up the 230, i can blow by any 250 on it just but sum works suspension on it and it will have as good suspension as the 250 all ive done is put a new pipe, changed the jetting, and put the works suspension on it and i smoke everyone on my little 230
  3. yami_rida

    Anyone up to riding Sunday?

    Me and my pops are going up to ocala and i am trying to find a group of guys to go riding with (more the merrier) if your interested p.m. me
  4. yami_rida

    Weekday riding

    yeah ill b riding at ocala this weekend but not friday
  5. yami_rida

    Best tires for wr?

    thanks guys much appreciated
  6. yami_rida

    Best tires for wr?

    Where i ride there is a lot of sugar sand, sand, and clay. The stock tires just dont dig in they keep spinning and the front end always wants to hit the ground. I wanted to know if there are any better tires for my riding conditions.
  7. yami_rida

    whats a good street lighting kit for wr

    thank u cuz those baja kits don't look like they hold together either
  8. yami_rida

    whats a good street lighting kit for wr

    in florida you cant street legalize a dirtbike
  9. i ride down in ocala forest and the rangers are about riding on the fireroads my dad whos getting older and rides a wr250f is looking for a kit that can make the wr "street legal" any help is much appreciated
  10. yami_rida

    Riding Areas

    theres always ocala forest got a lot of woops and nice trails
  11. yami_rida

    Clutch Problems for WR

    About a week ago I purchased a 05 WR250f and the clutch doesnt work. My bike jumps forward when i put it in gear and while moving i can engage the clutch but i can still use the throttle. Any one know wuts wrong?
  12. im trying to get a bunch of guys to go riding wit up at ocala if your interested please tell me