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  1. dirtchick_335

    TT-R 250 Mod's

    I was wondering if any of you could please give me the links for the TT-R250 mod's. I see one's for the 125 and 230 but my boyfriend just bought a 250 and we were wondering about rejetting and doing some mod's with the exhuast. TIA Vanessa
  2. dirtchick_335

    TT125 Jetting and airbox - A visual guide

    Hello Everyone, Just wanted to say I did the air box mod, re-jetting, and the exhaust mod's on my 03 ttr. All I can say is WOW what a difference. I love it. My boyfriend really loves it and I can barely now get him off of it so I can ride it.. ..LOL Anyways just wanted to say your visual really helped since this was the first time I have really done anything with my bike. Thanks, Vanessa