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  1. Great information just what I was looking for. Can someone tell me what the idle mod is?
  2. I have a CRF250X that hasn't been ridden in about a year. I pulled the carb because I couldn't start it and I found it to be all gummed up. I tried to clean it the best I could but noticed it wasn't anywhere near what it should be. How can these things be completely cleaned without soaking them in some kind of cleaner? Is there anyone that can completely clean them? If I send it to ZipTy or Tokyo Mod to have their mods performed will it be completely disassembled and cleaned? Thanks.
  3. I called the dealer and ordered some slow jets and leak jets. After a 1 1/2 weeks of waiting I called to find out what the deal was. They told me they weren't in and they didn't know when they would be in. I'm going riding with a few friends next weekend and need some jets asap. Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks CL
  4. Thanks Mark. I contacted my brother who works at a mechanical seal company that sells any kind of seal one would need. I gave him the size of the o-ring that I got from this site and he gave me a part number and maker of one. I should be getting a few soon.
  5. CLL375

    the pilot circut blues

    Was it ever running right with that jet? The reason I ask is becuase I had a problem like yours on an old bike of mine. I never changed the jets and it started to run like crap. I adjusted the fuel screw which did nothing so I took it out. I noticed the head of the fuel screw was either bent up or missing. I installed a new fuel screw and it fixed the problem.
  6. In the quest to fix the bog on my 250x I purchased the JD Jet kit from a local Cyclegear on Tuesday. I installed it and it fixed the cold starting problems. It still has the bog but I'm reading all I can to fix the problem. After all my reading I found the bog has to do with the AP. I read about the "o-ring" mod and that the JD kit comes with one. My kit didn't come with an o-ring nor did the instructions say it did. Did I buy the wrong kit? Can I do this mod with any small o-ring?
  7. Thanks for the reply and the concern for my heart, Dave. I don’t think the problem something clogged. The bike always did this; even when it was new. It’s the same old bog problem everyone else is having. I have been out of the dirtbike scene since I bought my street bike but I see there are a lot of new mods being done the carbs now. I have seen the AP, BK, and O-Ring mod. I have been using the search to find all the info about them but its all about time. I ordered a #50 leak jet and a #42 pilot jet and will see what they do. I ride it for fun only but would like to fix the bog problem.
  8. CLL375

    Hose routing question

    So am I right in saying those hose ends don't hook up to anything?
  9. Yes Sir. If I hit the gas real fast it cuts out then takes off.
  10. CLL375

    Hose routing question

    I just got done with my jet kit and a few other things but now I have two hoses that I don't know what to do with. The first hose is the one that comes out of the coolant over flow tank right below the cap (not the one that enters the tank from the radiators). I looked all over and couldn't find what it would got to so I routed it with all the other over flow hoses. The second hose is on the right side of the bike one end of the hose plugs into the motor near the rear then has a "Y" fitting. A hose off that "Y" fitting is routed down where the other over flow lines are. The other hose off that "Y" fitting was loose. I looked all over for where that one would go but couldn't find it but it does have a black clip that holds it to something. I know this is hard to imagine but if anyone works on their bike all the time and knows where they go; could you let me know? Thanks
  11. After about 6 months of sitting and I finally got my CRF 250X running with a JD Jet kit. The bike wouldn't start no matter what I tried before the kit, and always took for ever to start when it was running. After the kit was in it started on the second try. I installed the kit the way it stated in the instructions (red needle, clip on the 5th notch, and 158 jet). The kit did a great job in making the bike start faster but the bog is still there but not as bad. I know there is a pilot and leak jet in the carb. Should I change those out to some thing else or try some other jets or more the clip? The bike is all stock and it ride at sea level to 1000'
  12. I bought my 06 CRF250X back in November 05. I road it all the time and got used to the bog and hesitation as well as the hard time starting it. I'm not a hardcore rider by any means but I loved riding it on the trails. I bought a Harley in July 06 and stopped riding the CRF. I got the bug again and went to start it, but had no luck. I charged the battery and tried again...no luck. This went on for a while. I decided to check the carb for build up. While I'm in there what all should I do to cure all the problems I had with it? I looked all over this site and it seems the JD jet kit is a must but what about the JD leak jet kit?
  13. CLL375

    Longer throttle tubes???

    Finally someone replies. I've been waiting almost a year.
  14. CLL375

    shillow ridge TX.

    I think you mean Shiloh Ridge. I went there one day because it was only 23 miles from my folks weekend ranch. I went with my brother (quad), and girlfriend (bike) and had an all-right time. The day we went it was muddy and a mess. I would like to go there if it were dry but by the size of the mud holes; I don't think it would ever dry out. If that's something you like then have at it. The many 4x4 quads that ride there dug huge ruts everywhere. My brother had a hard time on his race quad. There were few areas that were dry but for the $20 a head to get in, I don't think I'll go back. Here is a pic of it. Shiloh Ridge
  15. CLL375

    I need an odometer sending unit

    As I was unloading the 250x a ratchet strap fell in to the spokes and wrapped around the odometer sending unit. I only rolled it back a little but it was too late. The hook on the strap cracked the sending unit in half. I figured that some one here might have taken it off and have it laying around. If anyone has one that they want to get rid of or sell please let me know. Thanks.