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  1. jamesd10

    2003 Yz450

    Thats what I was thinking. I quess I will just wait it out. Hopefully it will sell.
  2. jamesd10

    2003 Yz450

    Wow what a shocker. I just called the local Yamaha dealer and they dont along with everyone else take bikes on consignment. However they would buy the bike for $2300 and no more. Any body want a bike make me an offer. I can e-mail photos.
  3. jamesd10

    2003 Yz450

    Hey guys I am going to check with a couple more dealers around the area about sitting it there. But if anybody is interested I am very motivated. Bills, holidays, and baby....Oh crap wheres the beer...........
  4. jamesd10

    2003 Yz450

    Well chaining it to a tree is not a good idea. I dont have insurance on it and dont want is stolen. I am going to check with some local shops and see if I can sit it there. Thanks for the help.
  5. jamesd10

    2003 Yz450

    Thanks for the help. The idea of sitting on it for year is not going to work. With a baby coming. I am also going to try and attach some photos. I can also e-mail them if anybody id interested I am asking but $3000 but would consider all offers.
  6. jamesd10

    2003 Yz450

    Is this all the help I can get. I will sell the bike cheap you know kid coming and all.....The bike is in great shape. There is an ad in the classifieds
  7. jamesd10

    2003 Yz450

    I have a question. My wife is pregnant and I need to sell my 2003 YZ450 soon. I have posted on the classifieds here but was curious if anybody has any suggestions on the best way to sell. The bike is very clean and has extras. I am located in the Tampa Bay area of FL. Beau..............