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  1. Stock it fouled plugs very bad. Like 5 or 6 a day.
  2. I have the JD kit. I don't remember the exact numbers, but i do know it's the richer of the two needles, the leaner pilot jet, and i "think" one size smaller on the main. Possible the stock size main. I set it up the way JD recommended. I feel like it's to rich, but I'm just scared to run it to lean and melt the motor. I'm thinking of trying the leaner needle. Any suggestions?
  3. I'm new to two strokes. I have a new 06 kx250, PC platinum pipe, shorty silencer, and jd jet kit. I'm fouling plugs a lot, mostly right after i fire it up. I also noticed i have some smoke coming out of a tube up front that appears to to be coming from the power valve. Is that normal? bike runs really strong, with no stumbles. Any ideas?
  4. Looks like Boyesen recommends 2 to 4 sizes leaner on the main jet. How does that jive with the JD kit? I'm scared of getting the motor to lean.
  5. I put the jet kit in the bike, it ran great for a full day of trail riding. Yesterday i put the Pro Circuit exhaust on and ran it around the house a little. It didn't seem to run as good. Anyway, I now want to put the Boysen Rad valve in. Whats a good place to start on the jetting?
  6. I have a stock 06 KX250. Right now it is running really rich everywhere, but for sure from the 1/2 to full position. I'm fouling 3 or 4 plugs in a full day of riding, usually after I fire it up from a short break. This weekend I plan to add a Pro Circuit Platinum II pipe, Shorty silencer, and JD jet kit. The sheet recommends i start with the blue needle in the 3rd position, #168 main jet, and #45 pilot jet. Is this a good starting point? Just seeing if anyone has a similar setup can give me a heads up. 300 feet above sea level 40/1 93 octane
  7. Kawasaki

    I = Independant rear suspension.