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  1. offshoredirt

    Throttle Cam Systems

    Anybody had any experience with these things? They claim to tame the front to middle parts of your gearing and take some of the surge out for a smoother throttle contol especially in tight woods or mx. They also say you still have all of your power just roll the throttle back. I would love to tame my first and second gear without screwing with the flywheel or sprocket sizes. Is this gimmick or legit?
  2. offshoredirt

    Not like rekluse????

    I just installed one and I love it. I did not purchase the perch adjuster but I am getting ready to buy it for the ability to manually engage the clutch. My dumbass did not realize you needed this part to do that. The auto clutch is really a plus in tight woods and hills.
  3. offshoredirt

    Twin Air Power Flow Kit Woes

    Thanks for your comments guys. Science, I just oiled the new TA filter. I do not think it was over oiled. Like I said, it started in the garage immediately after the install was complete with no problems. It was really cold Sunday. All of the other thumpers in the bunch were harder than normal to start. The FS was set to it's factory setting. We adjusted it so much I do not know where the setting ended up. When I took it home, I set it back to the factory setting (1 and 1/2 turns open from the closed position). Anyway, I will screw with it some more later this week. By the way, I was not bashing TA when I made the comment about the customer service. They were immediately available and I do recognize how most of these starting problems are pretty unique and hard to classify over the telephone.
  4. offshoredirt

    Twin Air Power Flow Kit Woes

    I just installed a twin air power flow kit to my 06 crf450r. I cranked my bike after a 'successful' install (garage). Well, when it came time to ride this past weekend, the bike would not start no matter what I tried (or any of my buddies for that matter). We tired everything including ether, adjusting the air mixture (more rich), etc. with no luck . So I packed everything up and headed home extremely pissed off . As soon as I got home, I removed the twin air system, re-installed the factory filter with backfire screen, and set the air back to it's factory setting. Three kicks later the bike was running fine. Do I need to adjust the jetting to accomodate the twin air change? If so, what J.D. Jetting kit would you reccomend? By the way, twin air tech support really did not offer a whole lot of information. Thanks for your help.
  5. offshoredirt

    gpr install problems

    Thanks guys. I talked to gpr today and they said the were having trouble with the 06 crf 450r because of the inconsistency in the cast aluminum frame. They told me to bend the post mount slightly to get it back in line. I tried this and it worked. They told me they were going to make some revisions to this model to alleviate this problem. They told me to send my back if I had any more problems and they would fix it. Anyway, thanks again for your replies.
  6. offshoredirt

    gpr install problems

    I am having problems mounting by new gpr stabilizer. It is a version 1 (2006) and I am installing it on a 06 crf 450. Specifically, the stem does not parallel the alignment of the forks and triple clamp. It tapers away at the top ever so slightly (probably about 5 degrees). This causes the holes not to line up when you attempt to mount the gpr to the handle bar clamp. gpr sent an aftermarket tank strap to aid with this alignment but it still does not work. I tried mounting the stem both top and bottom of the tank strap with the same result. Any suggestions? Please advise. Thanks.