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  1. drhillbilly

    Has anyone seen this yet?

    Thumpertalk ranks 268 VERY impressive!
  2. drhillbilly

    "NEW"? Clymer DRZ Manual

    My limited experience with Clymer manuals has been very good. Last winter I restored a '95 cr80r for my oldest daughter to ride, and since I have little to no exp. working on motorcycles, I decided to do the Clymer thing. I found it to be accurate, comprehensive, and intuitive. Heck, they even give instructions on how to make some of the special tools needed!
  3. drhillbilly

    Tires: Dunlop D606

    I have run the 606 front and back. IMHO: 606 rear - good on pavement, good off-road until it gets wet and slimy. For all-round dual-sport I give it a 7+ 606 front - good on pavement, bad offroad. I found it to be the largest single cause of my front-end washing out. I give it a 4. now, assuming you ride a drz, and ride similar conditions to eastern woods, I'd recommend you stay away from the 606 front. If you ride offroad alot, check out the OffRoad Riding Technique Forum. Dwight Rudder is a very helpfull fella, kind of like burned is to wrenching. I swithced to perreli's on his recommendation, and never went back.
  4. drhillbilly

    CR 80 front end

    I restored a 95 CR80 for my 12 yearold daughter to trail ride, and am very disipointed in the performance of the front forks My question is: will the entire frontend from a newer cr80 fit on this older bike? I believe they switched to USD forks in '96, and this should be a great improvement in the bikes ride carachteristics(sp?).
  5. drhillbilly

    Looking at a CR80

    I just reworked a '95 CR80 from top to bottom. Repairs included: -replace third gear (common problem) -Replace every bearing in the motor and transmission -New rod, piston, and bored cylynder -replace swingarm and linkage bearings -new clutch plates -new sprockets and chain -replace steering head bearings -new cables and brake lines -powder coat frame and misc. parts total investment: $1500 + many,many,many hours labor( already had the bike). Thrill of riding a semi vintage in top condition: Priceless!
  6. drhillbilly

    Vertically challenged

    At 5'-8", 200#, I find all dirt bikes to be too tall when I get in a tight spot. Mx boots, taller bars(helps me stay vertical) and working on my riding technique have helped, but I think lowering by bike should be on my list of future mods. I know I need new springs to match my weight, but am afraid I will just make the bike taller The bike is a 2002S. Some ideas I gleaned from other posts: 1. Custom built shocks and fork springs. Will this setup work good for Eastern woods riding? I ride very little on pavement. 2.IMS 2.6Gal Tank. Does this actually help when needing to dab a foot now and then? Also, I would rather have a bigger tank 3. Shave the seat foam. I have avoided messing with the stock seat since My 40 yearold body prefers a cushy tushy pad. I'm not convinced the gel seat is the answer either. Any Ideas or suggestions from the all knowing regulars would be greatly appreciated. (and if 10guy doesn't poke fun at me I will definitely feel unwanted!) You guys are a real hoot. The only thing that brings a smile to my face more than reading all you guys posts is actually riding this beast.
  7. drhillbilly

    Current buildoff thread

    If you are as excited as I am about the project bike, you don't want to miss yesterday's engine thread which was moved here. Three cheers to those making this project a reality. P. S. If this post helped you find the current thread, Please post to bump it up so others may benefit.
  8. drhillbilly

    Front End Push

    Ditto on the 606 washing out. I'm currently running Pirreli Scorpion Pro on the front and it's a whole new animal in the soft stuff. Sticks like glue to almost anything.
  9. drhillbilly

    Cleaning Chain lube of rims

    Mean Green, a cheaper knock off off simple green sold at dollar general. I have the tripple clamp mount for the cycra's, with universal bar risers. This setup may or maynot work with BigDR risers. Anyone else on this setup?
  10. drhillbilly


    Maaannn!!, is this exciting or what I suggest we have someone test the suspension to break it in a bit. I've always felt that they need a few hours on them till they settle in. Any chance they would be ready for next Thursday? I'll be at H/M in WV for the weekend!!
  11. drhillbilly

    sneek peek........

  12. drhillbilly

    12 O'clock bar for SM?

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is a 12 O'Clock bar?
  13. drhillbilly

    my kids need a bike. Any recommendation?

    Hillbilly house rule #1: If you can't kick start it, you can't ride it! Seriosly, I started my kids out on a pw50 (age 5-6), then a xr70 (age7-8) and then a Ktm sx65 ( Serious POWER, scares the s##t out of them at first) I'd recommend any honda four stroke that fits them for height. When they complain about no power, Then they are ready for a 2-smoke.
  14. drhillbilly

    new seat UGLY

    In the words of our resident fashion expert: When describing this piece of Physchedellia (is that really a word?). IMHO, That seat done up in cheesy fake fur would be a perfect match for this bike!
  15. drhillbilly

    who are you.. and what do you do..

    Wow, What a Great Thread to bring all the lurkers out of their closets!!! Name is Doug, 40 years old, married for the last(third) time, with 5 wonderful dirtbikers to raise. I live in the heart of the moonshine area of western PA(in the days before the revenuers chased them to WV and KY). I spend most of my waking hours providing goods and services to the local farmers to raise their crops (Family business with dad and 2 brothers). Most of my spare time is spent wrenching on the fleet (7motorcycles, 3 quads, 1Cheesy go-cart). Started riding a Honda Trail70 when I was 8 (That little beauty stood up to three older bros. abuse, but I finished her off!) Got a used '79 KE175 when I was 14 and destroyed it in 3years. Had a couple different street bikes through the years, But got back on the dirt 4 years ago with a XL250 and quickly upgraded to my DRZ. Riding this bike has to be the most fun I've had in the last 20 years Thanks to all you fellow TT'ers for helping me transform this bike into the awesome machine it was designed to be. Cheers to Bobdrz400s04 for starting this thread of introvert therapy