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  1. I didn't think about that. I'll have to check it out before ordering. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Better than what I was able to find and I'm sure it's cheaper than a custom cut one.
  3. Awesome!
  4. But I want a 14 front for the street and don’t want to have to change it to go between dirt and street. I thought I remembered seeing an ad somewhere for custom cut sprockets, but I don’t remember who did them. I guess I could do 13/40 for street and stick with 13/50 for dirt if I had to
  5. I just got my 2012 WR450F plated and now I need to regear. I have multiple sets of wheels, so I am going to put some DOT rubber on a set of wheels so all I need to do to go from dirt to street trim is swap wheels and hit the road. For street gearing I am thinking I want to go 14/42. This should give me roughly 20% taller gearing than stock and should allow me to comfortably run highway speeds. For dirt, I wanted to run 14/54 to keep close to stock gearing and not have to swap out the front sprocket. The problem is that I can't find anyone who makes a 54 tooth sprocket for my bike. 52 is the largest I can find. I also prefer a steel sprocket as aluminum ones just wear out way too fast for my liking. Anyone know where I should look?
  6. Way to resurrect a 17 year old thread.
  7. Uhh, yeah, that’s the Houston 250 post race conference.
  8. And this was after the 3 hr drive home in the rain.
  9. During the Houston 250 LCQ (I think it was) when Dungey was commentating with Jeff and Ralph, Ralph asked him if he had thought about making a return for 2018 after seeing the top guys out for a few already. Dungey said that he actually had given it a thought, but didn’t say that it would happen, so I’m sure it won’t.
  10. You will love the 525 cheater - Tubliss combo. I have been running tubliss for 8+ years and the 525 cheater for about a month. It’s an amazing tire and is holding up better than I expected.
  11. He gave up 12 points (22nd pays 1 point), but I agree with your idea behind what you are saying. It seems like he could have cruises around and picked up another 5+ points or raced hard and picked up another 10-15.
  12. After years of wanting to dual sport my WR450F I finally have a plate for it and it wouldn't have happened without the help from DirtLegal.com. Here in Oregon, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to license a WR450F. A buddy of mine heard of Dirt Legal on an ADV forum that he frequents and suggested that I check it out. After browsing the website a bit and doing some of my own research on them I decided to reach out to them via email asking if they could help me license my bike. Within 30 min I got a response from them with some questions about my bike and title. I sent them the info they needed and they did some digging to make sure they could get what I needed. Brandon, the guy from Dirt Legal that I was dealing with, was awesome! He responded to every single one of my emails (and there were more than a dozen throughout this process) within 30 minutes or so and was very accommodating. I was a bit hesitant to send payment at first, but after dealing with Brandon, my hesitation went away and I had full confidence that he would come through. Now I have a plate on my bike and am ready for all the new riding that is available to me... after I add a few things to my bike to make it street legal (signals, etc.) and get my motorcycle endorsement. If anyone lives in a state that makes plating a dirt bike difficult, just checkout DirtLegal.com and see if they can help you out. https://www.dirtlegal.com/
  13. Elephant ears with grip warmers and some winter gloves. Cold hands are a thing of the past.
  14. sx

    It doesn’t work... I guess you don’t watch MEC.