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  1. woods-rider

    te300i OTD Pricing?

    The OP wasn't asking for advertised prices. I had assumed that the above price was an actual purchased OTD cost as the OP had asked.
  2. woods-rider

    te300i OTD Pricing?

    Sounds like a good deal until you take in to account that we don't have any sales tax in Oregon. Why can't bills beat the western PA price by about $600 (6% PA sales tax)?
  3. woods-rider

    19 450FX, hours on rebuild?

    Multiple hundreds. 12 hours is more like the oil change interval.
  4. They do vibrate quite a bit compared to a thumper. The newer KTM and Husky smokers have a counterbalancer in them that cuts the vibes down significantly, but it's still a LOT more than most thumpers. It is something that most get used to over time though.
  5. Why not a bumper tow TT and put the bike in the bed of the truck? That's what I did for a few years until I got a motorhome.
  6. woods-rider

    2018 FX Winter Starting

    The flooding is easy. Each time the bike tries to start, there is fuel being injected into the cylinder. When it doesn't start, that fuel is not burned. Next attempt sprays more fuel in there, and so on and so forth. Fouling a plug, I don't know. I have never fouled a plug in 20+ years of riding off-road thumpers. I typically change the plug out after 200-300 engine hours, just because I feel guilty otherwise, but they are always working perfectly when I pull them.
  7. Well it makes a bit more sense, but that bike is nothing like what the OP is looking to buy so it's kind of irrelevant.
  8. Yeah... So, that bike doesn't exist. Google lied to you.
  9. woods-rider

    Brake Pedal - Repurposed (hook a toe)

    Feet coming off the pegs a bit when you jump is no big deal. Look at virtually any photo of a pro racer in the air, 99% of the time at least one foot is not on the peg, and many times, neither is.
  10. woods-rider

    WR450 Tusk rear light assembly

    Yeah, OEM light. It's got LEDs in it that are just for brake light use. There's an unused wire coming out of the light, just hook it up to a brake switch. Not really a harness, I just wired in the signal lights to a flasher relay and up to a switch on the bars. I tapped power off the headlight so that the signals are on switched power.
  11. woods-rider

    2018 FX Winter Starting

    This. When I try to start my '12 WR when it's that cold, it doesn't like to start. After a few unsuccessful attempts, the engine is flooded. Fortunately for me, mine has a kickstart still. All I have to do is turn off the ignition switch so the injector won't pump more fuel in, and turn the motor over a few times by foot. Then turn the ignition on and fire her up.
  12. woods-rider

    2018 FX Winter Starting

    You need to get yourself a New battery.
  13. woods-rider

    2015 wr450 where to get 12v power

    Just pull off the headlight wire. Convenient up by the bars and it’s switched. I am driving my rad fan temp switch off the headlight circuit without issue.
  14. woods-rider

    NBC sports SUCKS!!

    What I don't like is that I can't start watching the beginning of the race an hour after it starts so that I can skip the commercial times. It's live until its over, so I have to either start it when the racing starts, or wait until the next day so that I can skip all the garbage.
  15. woods-rider


    He won last week...