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  1. woods-rider

    Biggest rear tire

    I wouldn't change it at all. The diameter percentage difference between a 110/100 to a 120/100 is fairly small. Even a 1 tooth change on the rear would over-compensate.
  2. woods-rider

    Tomac to MXGP?

    I fully agree that he won’t race a full season of MXGP, but I do believe he meant he will race 3 seasons of it by his comment.
  3. woods-rider

    Tomac to MXGP?

    So you think that by “extending my career by three years” he meant racing MXoN? No, he was saying that at the end of his planned AMA career he will go race MXGP for three years. The problem with that is, he won’t be in his prime by that time.
  4. woods-rider

    Tubliss removed from BYOB

    Build your own Beta. Basically, it's like ordering a new car with the options you want. You go online, pick the "upgrades" you want and they are factory installed before it ships to your dealer.
  5. woods-rider

    High end Helmet cheap?

    Can't hurt to bid.
  6. woods-rider

    Anyone recongnize this trail?

    I don't think it's GP, looks too flat. Also, the title says it's "OregAn", but since they misspelled the state, I don't know that it holds much weight with where the video was taken. Possibly eastern Oregon somewhere, maybe some of the good single track out near Winom Frazier.
  7. woods-rider

    Will any US be willing to ride 2019 MXON at Assen

    At the end of the AMA season, every single one of them stated that they were going to take a week or two off. I'm not saying that it made any difference in the end result, just that I don't think they were training for the full 6 weeks.
  8. woods-rider

    Anybody give a shit Deano got the boot?

    Contend for a win? Not unless a bunch of the top guys are out. A great day for Dino is a 3rd. Average day is a 5th-8th.
  9. woods-rider

    So...... ET?

    If he goes next year. I hope he does, he needs some redemption from his sub-par performance. Tomac needs to practice one thing between now and next year... starts, starts, and more starts.
  10. woods-rider

    Why did they get rid of our 'Like' count?

    Because, really, who cares about like counts?
  11. woods-rider

    Beta in Red Bull Straight Rhythm

    It's two strokes only this year. There's a 250cc and up class and a 150cc and under class.
  12. woods-rider

    Tubliss back to Tubes

    I have 9 years with tubliss front and rear. I have three sets of wheels (dual sport, hard terrain, soft terrain). I used to have tubliss in both sets of my off road wheels, but recently converted back to UHD tubes for my hard terrain set. I get about 30% more flats with tubliss than I do with HD tubes and In hard terrain, the speeds are typically faster and I want more pressure in the tires anyway (12+ psi), so the low pressure option of tubliss didn’t really matter. I am still running tubliss in my soft terrain set, but I’m considering switching those over to UHD tubes also. The flats with tubliss are usually quick and simple to fix, but I have had a handful that plugs wouldn’t work on so I had no option but to replace the whole tire regardless of how much tread life it had left. IMO, changing tires with tubliss is about 3x easier than it is with tubes. I only loose about 4 psi per month in the high pressure tubes so you may what to check the valve stems or something if you are loosing pressure at about 4 times the rate I am.
  13. woods-rider

    Ttr230 full exhaust. Cheap vs exspensive

    Did you rejet and open the airbox also? Like Rider61 said, you shouldn't do one without the other two.
  14. woods-rider

    Handlebar switch panel

  15. woods-rider

    most durable seat covers?

    What part of the seat cover is wearing out? Is it from knee braces, crashes and tears, or...?