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  1. 10W40 yamalube. 450+ hours on the stock top end and still ticking.
  2. I ride 100% off-road, no MX and I prefer the MX sole style. The enduro sole just seems to hang up on the peg all the time making you have to lift your feet much more to move them around on the pegs.
  3. You could also do something like the rekluse torque drive clutch pack on an aluminum basket. They come with SS sleeves to protect the aluminum basket and prevent notching. They also come with more plates that are thinner so you can run softer springs for a lighter pull and retain the stock torque transfer, or run stock springs for more torque transfer ability before slipping occurs. https://rekluse.com/product/torqdrive-clutch-pack/
  4. The perceived weight while riding is noticeably better on the 2012, but if both of those bikes are in similar condition, I would not pay an extra $3k for the 2012.
  5. The 2012+ feels lighter than the 2006. Motor is about the same. My 2006 started much better than my 2012. Those prices seem way high. I sold my 2006 in 2013 for $2800. I bought my 2012 brand new in 2013 for $6,000 OTD.
  6. There’s no 250f that weighs 202 or 204 lbs. you have bad info. A 125 smoker could weigh that much though.
  7. AP owes savatgey and cooper a tugger for taking Osborne and Martin out of this championship
  8. What, a jap bike with a hydro clutch stock?!!!
  9. Just leave it as is and ride. It's not going to hurt anything and if you tell me that you can feel that when you ride I'll call you a liar.
  10. Why do you want to do this?
  11. Keep whichever one is more fun for you to ride, that is the end goal after all.
  12. KX250 or KX250F?
  13. motocross

    Savatgey is disproving this. John Tomac
  14. Riding at winom is better than the riding at morrow IMO.