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  1. I had the exact opposite experience. They lasted a long time for me and are one of only two tires that I have yet to puncture over the past 8 years running tubliss front and rear.
  2. They are awesome on hard pack and rocks with low pressure. It's my go-to summer tire.
  3. On my WR450 I went to a hydraulic clutch and swapped three of the six clutch springs with WR250F springs. It’s a 1 finger clutch for most of the day. I’m gonna try the MWME lever next
  4. Should be in your owners manual.
  5. I have 100+ hours on a tusk clutch in my WR450 and it has been flawless. Measured the fibers a few hours ago and they were still near the top of the spec. Tusk doesn’t manufacture their own parts, they are just rebranded parts from someone else at a lower price point. Most of their stuff is good quality, some isn’t though as they all come from different manufacturers depending on the part.
  6. Unless you are mentally and/or physically handicapped, it will take you more time to take the wheel into the shop and back home than it will to just change it yourself.
  7. Armor (skid plate, rad guards, hand guards) Suspension revalve Maybe regear Maybe add a fan or rad overflow
  8. I have not been to a dealership/parts shop since I bought my current bike in 2013. Prices are high and selection sucks and it takes too much of my time. I can get better pricing, better selection, and free 2 day shipping to my door online. Probably won’t go again until it’s time to buy my next bike, and even then, I find it online first, call and negotiate, then just go to pick it up and sign papers.
  9. Not sure what dunes you have ridden in Oregon but there are always lots of people at the oregon dune areas I have been to. Not crowded necessarily, but I see about 10x the number of people on a 1 hr dune ride that I do on a 6 hr woods ride. You just can’t get that far from the parking lot at any of the Oregon dunes.
  10. ktm 125 sx

    Stock probably about 75 mph, change the gearing for ~$50 and with a long flat straight you could maybe do 110 mph but it would take a long time to get there.
  11. Klim ITB Dakar with pockets for the win!
  12. I have bought a couple pair over the years and for me they do seem to catch on things (foot pegs, sticks, etc.) and they get torn up in short order. I don’t like them as much as ITBP, but I do still have a pair of OTBP for when I ride in snow or dunes just to help keep junk out of by boots.
  13. Elephant ears over hand guards Grip heaters Carry paper towels/rags in a ziplock bag for cleaning goggles Goof giggle prep (anti-fog inside, rain-x out)
  14. How does 9 work? I’ll be in a maroon f150 with a WR450 in the back. Between the two of us I think we will make a decent loop
  15. I could do a Sunday ride. Can you lead a good loop out of Ginger Creek?