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  1. motocross

    I thought you were talking about Cooper Webb (450) and saying that JMart was going to beat him which meant he would have to be riding the 450 also. Justin Cooper... mkes sense now.
  2. motocross

    Is JMart on a 450 for outdoors?
  3. Washing machine every 4-6 rides then hang dry.
  4. Pretty sure you are over the capacity of that axle in the first pic lol.
  5. You can remove the fuel line from the tank to remove it. Some fuel that is in the line will leak out, but the fuel in the tank won’t get past the fuel pump.
  6. supercross

    Isn’t it triple crown format tonight? No way anyone is getting that big of a lead in such short motos... unless it’s Seattle conditions.
  7. colorado

    Just use a scrap piece of aluminum and drill a couple holes in it. Use the bolt holes for the stock light and get longer screws.
  8. You don’t need extreme accuracy for tubliss. Just pick up a digital one that is rated from 1-150 psi or more. They are cheap and available everywhere. Being off by 0.5 psi won’t matter at all for tubliss.
  9. I rode there for a few hours this past Sunday on my way home from a few days at China Hat. Now I remember why it had been 15 years since I had been there; I won't be going back to Cline Butte any time soon. The area was extremely small (could ride the whole thing in ~2 hours) and almost all of the trails were extremely rocky. IMO, the three Millican areas and China Hat are much better and larger areas to ride and they aren't much farther away for me.
  10. Nothing measurable.
  11. FALSE You can absolutely overheat without losing a drop of coolant if you have coolant that doesn’t boil until some astronomically high temperature.
  12. A beat, blown up 125 is all you'll get for a grand where I live. Sounds like you already know what it's worth in your area. Not sure why you are asking on there then.
  13. $800-$1,200 depending on how fast you want to sell it.
  14. And how will engine ice prevent you from overheating vs other typical coolants? Answer: it won't. If you are boiling over with standard coolant and your coolant system is in proper functioning order, there are only three things you can do, within reason, to make your bike run cooler. You can flow more air across the radiators (riding faster or a radiator fan), you can flow more coolant (different impeller), and you can increase your heat exchange surface area (larger radiators). Super fancy coolants do not lower your operating temperature, they just have a higher boiling point so you don't know when you are overheating. Also, engine ice isn't one of the super fancy coolants with the extreme boiling points, something like Evan's is though.
  15. Yeah, let's have another cookie-cutter track with the same conditions as all the others on the schedule in it's place.