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  1. I think the Ktm 250sxf if you got deep pockets.
  2. Yamaha

    You'll waste him if your a better rider and any way quads are for sissies .
  3. you should check the principles of running motor First if its getting fuel, then the spark, Las if the motor gets compression. Make sure the spask plug isnt drench in gas or the gaping right.
  4. I don't think it's a thottle cable problem. It is probably your wet air filter. Dry your airfilter and oil it up. the water was traveling through your motor out the exhuast and the water could have been mixing with the carbon in the exhaust. Thats why it was black and thin. Try to stay away from the five foot puddles.
  5. if your worried about loosing power you could use a dremel tool and grind it down a little bit. A little bead won't decrease the power noticibly.
  6. who cares get a real bike like my 03 yz 125. Two strokes kick ass.
  7. your friend probily right , because the honda motors have soft valve seats they wear. You should have the valves ajusted. those bikes are sweet. My dad wants one . how are they.
  8. Dude there sissy and get in the way on trails. Hahahahahahaha!!!!
  9. not a chance dude sissy hehehehehehe!!!!
  10. A size tire 100/90 -19 is for a 19'' rear wheel. You should get a 100/100-18 for a 18'' rear Wheel. You could get a wider tire like a 120/100-18 or 110/100-18. don't get a 100/90/19 it won't fit. the last tire i got was a maxxis IT. It makes great traction. Get the same size of tube you had before.there is no such thing as a 110/90-18.
  11. thats sweet i should have done that to my ttr125
  12. The yz 250f is a sweet bike that years motor is great. The reasaon it bogs down is the gearing. My brother put a bigger sprocket on the rear. You could also get a smaller front sprocket. The ktm's are powerhouses and come with a heavy flywheel making it good for trails. Light for nasty tight trails.One of my buddys just bought a brand new ktm 250exc. The bike is awesome. The exc's are sweet for trails. I love the low end power of the yz250f. If you get a powerbomb hreader with a silencer it would be awesomeer.
  13. Awesome new ride . what dealer did you go to.
  14. I used to own a dr-z 125 and the supension would need some more travel ,but the end product would be awesome. Kind of like th project on dirt rider where they put a xr200 motor in a CR 85 expert.
  15. The yz are a little hard to find because everybody likes them. I think the best year is a 04. All of the yz line are great each year they get better and better.