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  1. HR Hey man. You know me and from ECEA to NETRA, you know how I roll and love Husky as well. With that said, can I ask a favor. Please no personal attacks. Not at anyone who is as passionate as you about husky from the pacific northwest nor a guy who rode air cooled Husky 250's against big buck works bikes in 83 and actually and regularly made it into the mains! As a whole, bash away at the organizations if you please but please dont point at individuals on a forum like this. Does no one any good. You can hate the game....and that is all cool....but dont hate the players. Just Sayin Your bud and hope to see you in the Jersey woods again this year......that Sandy Lane last year was epic for sure.... a class act. Chod
  2. so who's going?
  3. No problem Dale...you and yours are always welcome...you can be the official tender of the Husky 2 stroke blender and the bar!
  4. Dale C'mon up man.......got some demo bikes including a 449 Joe
  5. Lets give Andy Jeff and Corey a bit more time....heard things are gonna "Snap, crackle, and pop" from events at the Indy trade show.
  6. You can be eligible for all knds of stuff from lots of mfgs. Cycra offers 40% off to just about anybody. Take 40% off a pair of sweet barkbusters and theres over your $20 spent to sign up saved right there. And before you whine you don't use/need them...thats just a quick example. Geez Husky is offering contingency for 2011 on even 2009 model year bikes. They always offered a 2 year contingency and now for a 3rd year,,,,man up and quit the bely aching.
  7. try to find some better storage place for it or at least some cable and a lock
  8. Dwight Have you tried any Keihin needles? Specifically like DDK or CCK to name some specific. (will cover warm and cold too) Am asking as I had best success with about what you ave with exception of slightly richer pilot and then again clp # 3. clip in 4 for cold worked better obviously too. I have never been a big fan of the generic JD Needles. Joe
  9. Call Drew Smith at WER in NJ. He is a suspension wiz...rides New England, owns a Husky, and oh yeah......gots quite a few accolades to his carreer to take away any doubt that he knows what needs to be done and how to do it.....he has my 09 suspension sooo smoothe. Ask about the Sachs bladder conversion option...reallly helps with the sharp hits from roots and rocks here in the North East. Joe
  10. 85 WR were 2 shock also. 85 CR, XC and WRK's were mono. serial # says 85 to me too. very similiar to 84 with some small differences (Pipe, light, graphics on shrouds) Joe
  11. Ahh...A Trick question...sort of. It was a prototype Husky CR 500 for the 85 model year in 84. Micky rode it in selected events in 84. Grossi and Stacy were on traditional 2 shockers that year (84) Saw Micky stomp the field in 84 at the 500 cc support class at the Unadilla GP. Cannot verify the same fact at Hollister but the YZ in the backround is an 84 and I doubt another pro would be running an older bike as it was sooo competitive BITD. My guess is mid to late 1984. The single shock was not production until 85. Another "indicator" of it being that same prototype bike is the HP radiator shroud decals placed on the rear fender. These were not stock decals ...HP only and only for the 84 250 and 125.
  12. Mikka Ahola on 511i for 2011.......hope it turns true. Meo in E1, Juha in E2, Mikka in E3.can you say repeat of glory days of 2002 in WEC for Husky? Yeah baby!
  13. All please use PM.s when dealing with this..DMV does have lurkers for all states on forums as popular as this. Lets not ruin what we have left
  14. both are better than what I got/get as a company car! But I do tend to be rough on my company vehicles.
  15. LOL at the last line of that.........hey..whatever would work....