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  1. OGudgeirsson

    RMZ450 05 - 4-speed to 5-speed

    To see the photos you need to click the Photo tab, then select an album. No, we are not allowed to ride where we like, we are even more environmentally concerned than the US. Iceland is about three-threeandahalf hours flight from Germany. Regards!
  2. OGudgeirsson

    RMZ450 05 - 4-speed to 5-speed

    My mistake - I thought I read somewhere that the 06 RMZ450 would be five speed, but looking at www.suzukicycles.com I can see that it's still 4-speed. I still think five would be even nicer for the type of riding I do mostly but I agree that this setup is supernice for the track. You can find some pictures of what I use my RMZ for at spaces.msn.com/members/ohg
  3. OGudgeirsson

    RMZ450 05 - 4-speed to 5-speed

    I have a Suzuki RMZ450 2005, love it but still think it would be even better with five speeds. Since the 2006 model is five speed, can anyone tell me if it's possible to upgrade the 05 from 4-speed to five-speed?