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  1. Hello fellow XR owners, My 2000 XR400 came with a BBR rear brake lever. Not to happy to have the pedal missing (sheared off or not enough locktite) as I came down a fast trail into a rock garden and unable to slow down enough. End result, sore ribs and large thigh bruise. Now looking for a stock rear brake lever assembly that someone might have laying around as I can not find a BBR pedal. Thanks David
  2. Hello TT members, Listed the A-Loop kit I have on my XR400 here on TT and will be listing it on Ebay so I can get a bigger desert tank since I have been going on longer rides here in SoCal. Anybody have an IMS or similar tank they have lying around and want to get rid of? thanks, David
  3. Hello fellow TT members, I finally picked up an XR after not having been out dirt riding for 20+ years. What a blast, but the second time out tipped over in a rock garden and the pointy rock found my left side case and cracked it. Anybody have an XR 600 left side case they want to get rid of? I think several year models should fit my 1992 model. thanks, Jeff
  4. heyday

    XR400 stock shock spring!

    Hello Rock, Thanks for the reply How did you end up with several stock springs? Let me know how to get one of those stockers. David
  5. heyday

    XR400 stock shock spring!

    Hello Dale, Thanks for the reply. why so many springs? Let me know how I could get one of those stock springs? David
  6. see next listing !
  7. I am looking for the stock shock spring. I just picked a 2000 XR400 with a heavier shock spring and the seller couldn't find the stock spring. I talked to Al Baker's XRs only and they said I should a stock spring should work fine. Any help in would be appreciated. David
  8. heyday

    a- loop seat tank shroud kit ? 97 xr 400

    Hey Gregg, I just bought a 2000 XR 400 with a cool A-Loop tank, shroud and seat. I am going to put it on Ebay. If you are interested I'll send a photo. On the A-Loop web site the kit sells for $499.00. Make me an offer. I have been going on longer desert rides here in So Cal and am going to need an IMS tank so I won't have to carry gas in my back pack. David valadez.d@sbcglobal.net
  9. heyday

    xr400 E series exhaust questions

    undefined I just picked an 2000 XR400 with an WB E-Series pipe on it. It has about 12 disks and it is too loud. I am going to take out 6 disks and see how it sounds. If that doesn't work WB says you can buy a "quiet core" insert for about $40 to help bring down the sound. David :