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  1. husky459

    Darryn Durham video

    thanks..yes pr2 is/was his dads..and chris was listed..last I heard he was in caly..hope it was w/darryn..met him at lorettas..nice guy...I assume when you move into the pro ranks you take the suspension, motor company's, etc that you sponser tells you to...regardless of your previous/family sponsers....
  2. husky459

    Darryn Durham video

    does anyone know if he still has a guy named Chris working with him still..was his mechanic at Lorettas and a friend of mine...
  3. husky459

    How come no one rides Husky TC's?

    Ferraci(an American of Italian desent?) is/was basically a superbike guru who in either 04 or 05 fielded a supercross team in which Tyler Evans was a part of...this is as my memory serves...he did/now offers performance parts for husky's....
  4. husky459

    How come no one rides Husky TC's?

    Oh,..and also don't believe everything that is posted here..parts availability is not an issue, etc.....the only reason you have not Husqvarna at nationals is due to the import rule of 2000 be in the USA per AMA regs...These bikes are not cheap in quality of the materials used to build them in comparison to the Jap bikes...they require less maintainece in the long run due to quality of the metals used...compare them for yourself..also my race unit at present is a: 2008 TC 510...it ROCKS!!!!..#459
  5. husky459

    How come no one rides Husky TC's?

    You better come to the midwest!!!!...lots of people mx Huskys!!!!..myself included!!!!..I personally race +50...Our Dist 17 champion for the last couple of years in 250A, 125A, +25 was on TC's...#459
  6. husky459

    New Toy

    I race one in plus 50 mx...got it late this season...I was really concerned about too much power since i've been racing TC 450's since they came to the states...after a little practice and a few races things really took shape....still struggling with smooth good consistent starts, but that will come...you will love it!!...smooth controlable power...I hava flywheel weight, regeared, jetted, in house suspension(Halls Cycles) , moved my hot start to bars, o-ring chain,...haven't felt the need for a steering stabilizer as I had always run one in the past...I should have been on one of these a long time ago...hope you feel the same...good luck and have fun!!
  7. husky459

    TC250 2010 for Supercross

    Main problem here has been the AMA production rules...never enough imported here to qualify..just ask MXer74...he couldn't ride/qualify for any outdoor nationals last year as I understand it.
  8. husky459

    one armed mxer, truly amazing

    I used to race a guy with one leg from Indiana...if he went down , he could get his bike back up,...kick start it(kx 125) w/his hand... throw the stub over and go!!! He did really good!!!..but heard he got in trouble w/law and never saw him again...
  9. husky459

    A weird place to ride. Sea bed bombing range.

    What are those poles in the muck with gps looking like things out on top?
  10. husky459

    let's see ya goggles.

    You will never believe my goggle setup. I am now wearing Smith but might be switching to Scotts once they are released in Jan....What make mine so unique is that they have fans in them....The main problem I have always had is.. I wear glasses....can't do contacts(might try again)...so all my goggles are OTG type...I move fan, battery pack and rolloffs to new goggles as needed. I also have a pro vue lense in one set that I can't get used to(after sending prescription, everything looks too small while riding). Over $350 in that set..which just sits...sucks...Smith Turbo goggles were changed in design a couple of years ago...instead of the fan blowing down on my glasses...they changed it to where it would suck out the hot air...made it worse...tried reverse(tiny) wires to change fan direction..unsuccessfully...ended sending them back for a warranty replacement(smith tired of talking to me)...glass wearers not a profitable market. So as you can see wearing glasses in the middle of the hot humid summers in the midwest, waiting for the mx starting to drop is very challenging.Scott has now released in their 2010 catalog a cool, well buildt looking in the google fan system...appeears to be aime towards the snow skiing clients..we'll see...hopefully blows into google and has better quailty parts then the old Smith Turbos ...
  11. husky459

    2008 TC 510 setups/mods

    I already run alot of the same mods...pro taper(cr high bend)...I work for a suspension guru(Jay Hall)...so it is sweet, geared different for more lowend, jetting is right on and I have definitely veered away from the pirrelli's depending track,...talked to rekluse guys @ red bud vet race to some length(not sure yet)...haven't put my pivot pegz on from 06 yet or feel the need for a dampner (which I have always ran!!!)...I like the way it is now...power now is good suggestion, might try that..may help on starts...trying to change my body position....figuring out which gear, tried a variety..using 2nd with quick upshift..need alot more time and work on starts!!!..Thanks everyone...great suggestions and help!
  12. husky459

    2008 TC 510 setups/mods

    This article pertains to TXC 510 and GNCC usage..I am a motocrosser on a "TC 510"..but it does have alot of useful info...Thanks
  13. husky459

    2008 TC 510 setups/mods

    Thanks...I will look at that...funny thing is I met him this summer...went to his house/farm and hung out with him and his girlfriend..bought some maple syrup(that is what he does now). My boss/friend(Jay Hall) bought alot of his race team stuff. All his trophy's and plaques, bikes, etc are displayed really cool and he has an awesome looking track/trails....a very nice guy..a day I will always remember
  14. husky459

    2008 TC 510 setups/mods

    What are you doing to make bike better?...What are some of your issues/problems?..Been racing one for last half of season..vet class...love it..just looking to see what others are doing w/them. Still having start gate issues...not in tune w/bike yet like I was w/2006 TC450.
  15. husky459

    Just gotta alota powdercoating done

    Looks really nice...but why didn't you do clutch/stator covers?..They are all scratched up..