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  1. Will "E" head pipe work w/ SM muffler ? I'd like to put an "E" header on my SM (looking to buy a used one-PM me)- is this worth it (want to keep it quiet) - or is there a quiet pipe w/ a HP gain? What parts/ or mods do I need to make it work? I have an "E" OEM FCR w/ Flow Commander & 3x3 mod so far - recomend this before anything else- it's a whole new bike - can't believe it's a 400 single!! Mike in CT 2006SM
  2. Keyser Soze

    Stainless brake lines for 05SM

    I've had good luck w/ Galfer the last 2 times for custom lines. I spec'd a minimal length line for my SM (don't have exact no. here, 53" center to center maybe) w/ a 12 degree offset for the caliper & a long 90 degree offset for the master so the line would have a clean, hidden run (like a CR). Call them & they can hook you up......$69 total w/ shipping - well worth it for feedback & power. Mike in CT 2006 SM
  3. Hi all, What are your experiences with modulators ? Any caveats selecting/installing/using ? Thanks in advance, Mike in CT '06 DR-Z400SM
  4. Hi all, Has anybody changed to this and what were your findings ? I did this to my '83 Honda XL600 (for sale by the way!) years ago & made a HUGE improvement in usable light ( no wasted upward light, sharp cut-off prevents glare to other drivers - ideal for uprated bulbs ) - even with the stock bulb. I would like to find a U.S. source if possible. Thanks in advance, Mike in CT '06 DR-Z400SM
  5. Hi all, What are you using for aftermarket horns ? I'd like to hear your experiences and advice on this, also, how much free accessory power is safely available ( for heated vest, grips etc..) ? Thanks in advance, Mike in CT