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  1. Green ghost in the forest

    Why was the KLX400R discontinued?

    I heard from my dealer that sales of the klx400 were very low and most places the price was 100$ more than the drz400. With the drz on the market for years before the klx the loyal (drz) consumer would sell it by word of mouth. I just bought a klx because the price was right and i like kawasakis.
  2. Green ghost in the forest

    OK, went and looked at the DR400s tonight...

    When riding off-road your butt should not be on the seat much unless the trails are flat and (yawn) boring. Yes the seat is a tad uncomfortable but if your wanted a comfy seat look at a Goldwing. When it comes to trail riding you will find the drz alot easier to handle compared to the dr.
  3. Green ghost in the forest

    Electrical/Tail Light Problem

    Ok here is my situation. Rear brake light on as soon as key is turned. It does not go out or get dim at any time . Switch near brake pedal removed wires are seperated. Still bright light, and the wires are in good shape. Any suggestions?
  4. Green ghost in the forest

    after market turn signals (tough enough)

    I just bought a new rear fender for my DRZ/KLX and i want to add some turn signals. Are the led type shock/vibration resistant? What type are easy to install? My bike is wired just like a "s" version drz. I can do basic wire splicing and I'm looking for something small that will keep the law from bothering me.
  5. Green ghost in the forest

    Mods done (yea right!). Here's a few pics.

    If the screws that keep your taillight attached to the spacer are not super tight like mine are you can remove the spacer. This may need some customizing to re-attach it directly to the fender. Also you can remove the spacers from the turn signals, this also needs some fabricated parts to re-attach. Take a close look at it before removing anything, it may not be what your after. I am on the hunt for a nice led taillight for my bike. Where did you get the disc guards, the front one looks awesome? Some black rims would look really nice on your bike. Otherwise i think your ride looks great.
  6. Green ghost in the forest

    3x3 on drz 400s

    I own a 04' klx400sr (cdn). elevation 1050'. I'm planning on opening up my airbox,(3x3) i already have a K&N filter. How should i jet and do you have any idea what the power gain will be?
  7. Green ghost in the forest

    Replacing sprocket bolts/nuts with what?

    I would avoid using both nuts and bolts made from stainless, if you do they will jam and you may have to cut them off, depending how tight they are torqued. Stick with steel fasteners.