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  1. well that depends... where do u live? cause my shop of choice might be like 500 miles away!
  2. im new exactly how do u get an avatar ??????? i tried the help thingy and it still didnt work, i click on the pictures but they dont show up. assistance please!
  3. i dont need a ramp... check out the moto jack rack. it hooks into your truck receiver and has a bottle jack that lifts and lowers your bike. definately worth every penny. ( and it can lift a 500 pound quad!!! ) perfect for the track and desert. definately google it and see for yourself youmight find it usefull too
  4. awesome my dad is thinking bout a ktm 520 exc ( double the power )
  5. Im 13 years old. and i have a kx 85. even though im young i still keep up with my riding group =p. but...... ive road 2 strokes my entire life. i started out on a kx 60 old school bike. and it scared the crap outta me the first time i road it.but in my age of bikes 2 stroke absolutely smokes! 4 strokes!!! so i dont got a choice. i have a friend who is 12 and he has a crf 100. and let me tell ya, i got like 3x the suspension and at least 4x the power =p, its like later dude!!! but... once i get into the 125 classi might think about four stoke ya never know. ( allthough my dad has a four stoke and he whoops my butt! )
  6. i have a kx 85. ( im only 13 =p ) but.... i might either get a 250 four stroke next year or a 125 what you guys think i should get? 2 smoke or four stroke?