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  1. I just saw the picture of your driveway.
  2. Thanks Jerry but this was the problem that caused me to ride my KLX250S on last years China Lake ride. Don't tell anybody on this forum but that was the most fun I had in years. Polishing the shifting mechanism solved the problem.
  3. Jerry doesn't live in California.
  4. I replaced mine with an "Acerbis" tap that has a reserve. I put a tee in the line so I still have use of the left side of the tank.
  5. Jerry has you sign the entry form that you are responsible for the legality of your bike. Link to entry form http://www.district37ama.org/dualsport/ridefliers/100327-Death-Valley-2.pdf See you there
  6. Where are you located? For So Cal try this www.District37AMA.org
  7. Thank you. You are the 2nd person who has suggested that! Unfortunately I had it apart and couldn't see anything so I put it back together with no success so I guess I will try again.
  8. So I guess this is a one of a kind problem that nobody else has had?
  9. After completing an 100 mi. ride to the Husky Monument without any problems I went out the next day to get gas and the bike will not go into 3rd gear or higher. 1st and 2nd OK but nothing else. I removed everything to get to the shifting mechanism including the clutch and am operating the shifting drum with a socket and t-handle. It will not go completly into second as you can see the shift pawl dose not go all the way into the groove on the shift drum. I've allready resigned myself to splitting the cases but I could use some advice. TIA
  10. KTM is the new Honda. Anybody with money can buy one, they don't require any CLASS!
  11. Don't forget to unplug the gas gauge wires before lifting the tank! After pulling mine loose 3 times I chucked the stock setup and went with an Acerbis tap that has a reserve. Used a "y" between the taps and am good to go. Good luck.