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  1. moongunner

    XR650L Stock jet Question

    New to XRs. I Mostly commute I like the quietness of the stock muffler. Can I change the jetting or do some other mod to improve the performance and keep the stock quiet muffler or do I have to buy an aftermarket muffler. If so what is the quietest muffler. I'd love more of a deep rumble but I live in a crowded neighborhood. Also, I love looking down on ALL the bikes I come across, and going eyeball to eyeball with tall pick ups.
  2. moongunner

    DR200 jetting

    Try Kein Tech Engineering in Grants Pass OR. 541 472 0875 He works on DR carbs and Mufflers. You can find his site by Googling Kein Tech. Steve In Kentucky
  3. moongunner

    Wanted KLR 650 or DR 650

    If you know of any please respond or call me. Steve in Kentucky cell 931 538 9560 home 270 483 6108
  4. moongunner

    '04 Dr200se

    Also I put a small "Spitfire" windscreen (Google it on the web) only about 50 bucks and fits the DR perfect and makes those long rides easier. I use my Beast to mostly commute on and love it. Steve in Tennessee
  5. moongunner

    '04 Dr200se

    Hi I have a DR200 I put on a 16 tooth (one Bigger than stock) on ther front, and the bike is now great on the road, higher geared makes it faster and less buzzy. I love the change and there is still plenty of ooommph in first gear. Rebel gears in Tennessee (Google it) 25 bucks. super easy to change yourself just move the rear wheel a touch forward and the stock chain works great. Steve in Tennessee PS How did you mount the boxes?
  6. moongunner

    DR 200 Tires

    Bridgestone Trail Wing 18 in the rear 100/90-18 Bridgestone Trail Wing 19 in the front 70/100-21 Steve in TN
  7. moongunner

    Front Sprocket Motard

    Rebel Gears Phone # is 1 877 851 2504 Steve in TN
  8. moongunner

    DR 200 Tires

    Hi My 200 lives it's noble life carrying my fat butt to and from work. Are there any "less Knobby tires" that are smoother on the street available? 80/100-21 front 100/100-18 rear Thanks Steve in TN.
  9. moongunner

    Front Sprocket Motard

    Hi Do a google search for Rebel Gears located in Tennessee. Good people and can make any sprocket Steve in TN