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  1. sinkjamo

    Does the R header pipe fit the X?

    I just got the bike. It has maybe 2 hours on it. The prior owner had the bike fall over onto another bike with the weight landing on the header bending the pipe down. I am coming off of an 03" CRF450R. The E-start and the kickstand have already payed dividends riding with my kids. stop start stop start! I look forward to getting into doing some of the mods to let the bike breath! Thanks for the info.
  2. sinkjamo

    Does the R header pipe fit the X?

    I need a header pipe for a 05' CRF450X. Does the stock R model header fit on to a X? PC and FMF show that that 04-06 CRF450R is the same as the one for the 05 CRF450X. The local Honda shops are no help (no surprise). They just say that the PN's are different. I thought maybe stock the R is titanium and the X's is stainless steel.