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  1. any moreee lol
  2. please if you dont like thumpstars then shut up and go away
  4. hey can any one tell me where i could find videos of pittbosses or thumpstars or any mini bike
  5. hey can anyone tell me where to thumpstar videos i really want to watch some thanks
  6. is that mph or kmph coz i live in aussie what one sorry
  7. what bike is that
  8. no seriously no joke are they that fast that kinda bull^&% lol he is probley lying come on help hahaha nah joking mann how fast are they
  9. hey i just want to know how fast does a ttr 125 large wheel go
  10. hey what would be faster crf 100 or thumptar even know the thumpstar is 125 lol i dont know what would be better bike to get
  11. i am only little guy so i could fly on it how old are you guys with thumpstars im 15
  12. hey guys i am just wanted someinfo on the thumpstar could you guy tell me some website or something that would give me heaps of info on it and also do you guys no the top speed or a 125 cc thumpstar thanks heaps