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  1. Still experiencing the same problems! I had the mechanic check it out and he replaced the clutch interlock switch and disconnected the kickstand switch. Worked ok for a week or so and then started having problems again. Same shit. Ignition on, lights, blinkers work, kill switch in correct position but nothing happens when I hit the start button. Always happens first thing in the morning when I am trying to get to work. If I try starting it in the afternoon it starts right up! Any ideas?
  2. Lights and blinkers all work. Kill switch is in correct position. I'll check the others. Thanks for the help!
  3. I have a problem. Went to start my bike this morning and got nothing. Battery works, lights are on, etc. but no turn over. Jiggled the ignition and the kickstand switch but still got nothing. Any suggestions? I use it everyday and now I can't get to work!
  4. Thanks guys! I will get onto the dealer and have a carb heater fitted. Thankfully, the winter here last a short time so this will only trouble me for a few more weeks!
  5. Hmmm....this might be true if it occurred in all seasons but the stalling only happens when it is freezing cold.
  6. Ok guys, see if you can sort this problem out. I live in Japan and ride an unmodded 09DRZ400SM. I use the expressway everyday and usually have no problems except when the temperature is down around 32F and it is raining. After about 20 miles down the expressway at about 60mph the bike will start "missing a beat" and feels like it is going to stall. It acts like it is running out of gas but I know the tank is full. This only happens when it is raining and cold. Usually I manage to keep it going to the exit but it then proceeds to stall once I get into first gear and have throttled down. The Suzuki guys here are stumped but they have trouble with anything that is not in a manual. Any ideas? It does not have the pollution device like the California bikes to cause trouble nor is it the kickstand switch.
  7. Based on this info I don't think I have a smog cannister since there is nothing like this under my rear fender. The part I was thinking about is on the bottom left by the skid plate. When I had the stock tank there was a hose that ran from one half of the fuel cock to this device, a small black cannister. This hose forms a "Y" coming from the part went to the fuel cock the other branch went to the carb. The part that went to the fuel cock was closed off with a screw when I replaced the stock tank with the IMS tank. The branch hose that goes to the carb is still connected. I am not sure what this does but I was told that it has something to do with maintaining constant fuel flow and venting fumes....
  8. Can I safely disconnect it without causing some other problem?
  9. Sounds exactly the same as mine....I will ask the mechanics about issues with the charcoal filter. However, I added a 16liter tank that has the vent hose coming out of the gas cap....could this be part of the problem?
  10. Yes, it does unfortunately....
  11. Thanks for the useful advice and recommendations! I really appreciate it! It gives me some ideas and makes it easier to understand when the mechanics start rattling off in Japanese.... The vacuum line has been disconnected and a long screw (1inch) inserted into the end which would have attached to the original tank. After changing to a 16li tank this hose became redundant since the IMS petcock does not have a place to attach it...just one for fuel flow. No prime setting....just off/on/reserve. This problem also occurred before I changed the tank. I had the original fuel cock set to the on position. It wouldnt restart until I put it on reserve but as I said before I had about 6.8liters in the 10 liter tank so it wasnt a lack of fuel. After coming off the throttle it begins losing power, jerking a bit with the engine missing a beat or two. It sometimes loses power completely and stalls with a backfire as I am completely off the throttle coasting down to the toll plaza off the main highway. Other times it just maintains a very high idle speed until I slip the clutch a few times and then it seems to settle down but doesnt run smooth. Last night it began skipping a beat while at speed (110kmph) and it is now at the shop where they will take it apart to find the problem. However, they are not DRZ experts, just general bike mechanics. From your very useful comments I tend to think it must be a carb issue but I am open to other suggestions. Anyone else experience this?
  12. I bought a new 2009 DR-Z400SM in December here in Japan. The first week I had it I was going up the expressway at about 70mph when the bike suddenly started behaving as if it was running out of gas although I knew the tank was over half full. I coasted into an exit where it stalled. I got it restarted but it began to run rough and sluggish. Pulled into a gas station and checked the fuel....needed only 3liters to fill up a 10 liter tank. It continued to run rough but eventually straightened out and ran ok. Went back to the bike shop and they put it on the dynometer and checked it out but could find nothing wrong. Maybe bad gas? Who knows? Ran fine for a couple of weeks. Changed the tank and fuel cock to a 16liter IMS tank. Added a K&N filter. It ran fine with a little more power. Recently the problems has started again....coming off the throttle at high speeds it begins to cough and stall and sometimes backfire then runs at extremely high idle for a few kms. Shop adjusted the idle and changed the spark plug. Went back to stock filter. Problem continues....running at speed on the expressway and then off throttle into an exit it begins to start gasping and then stalls. Any ideas? Other foreign DRZ riders in Japan are stumped. Can anyone suggest a cause so that when I talk to the mechanics I can have some technical support to help figure this out? Also, another issue....when I hit 118kmph (about 65mph) a valve seems to flip open somewhere and the engine sound jumps about 30%.....Never experienced this on other offroaders before but obviously I am not an expert. Any help would be appreciated as I am up against the wall here....