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  1. 2012 450 will eventually start with the fast idle out ,once put in it cuts out dead and will not start back up for at least 10 minuets, valves ok timing good ,changed the throttle body, condenser and rectifier ,any ideas thanks.
  2. I've also got an 87 in need of the same case due to water pump corrosion
  3. I need one of those as well, could you give me a price and post cost to the UK thanks.
  4. I need one of those as well, could you give me a price and post cost to the UK thanks.
  5. tried ebay in the usa and uk but no luck.
  6. any one know where I can get one thanks.
  7. put the socket in from the rear of the cut out tight against the frame ,
  8. having trouble with an 011 ktm 350,i have fitted a new tps and when i set it to .0601 im getting 3 deg on the outher setting that should be 0, how do i get that back to zero.
  9. thanks ,factory conection it is.
  10. dose any one make an ally pre load ring for this model
  11. Hi steve used the winter map saturday and the bike ran great ,looking forward to some warmer weather to try the aggressive map.
  12. double check all the sensor plugs,also the crimps on the coil connectoion,i had a simler problem i unpluged the fuel pump and then had a spark ,it seemed to be the conection on the red plug buy the rad,also do a serch there is some good info on here.
  13. yes your right ,the 2 bolts on the selecter plate came loose ,i have now put them in with lock tite thanks.
  14. Hi need some help, my bike will not select nutral from 1st gear but will from 2nd,when its in 1st i pull the lever up but it seems to half select nutral and the lever dose not seem to return properly and any vibration it will go in to 1st again, i have just rebuilt the transmition as it was jumping out of 3rd and also changed the selector plate and outer shift drum as it had this problem as well,had a cople of hours riding and all was well then just started it up and it jumped in to 1st, any ideas ? thanks