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  1. chaplainracer

    WTB 05 450X carb rebuild kit?

    My float needle and seat were gummed up and still has a little leak through the vent tube when the fuel tap is left "on". Also, the fuel screw vibrated out and I lost the O-ring and spring. Everything else cleaned up well, but the gaskets and o-rings will be nice. If a kit for an 05 CRF450R will work, then I will re-use the jet and needle from my JD kit and it should work perfectly. Thank you for your help.
  2. chaplainracer

    WTB 05 450X carb rebuild kit?

    Thank you for the replies. I found CRF450R carb kits that include gaskets, needles, jets, float, etc. for $29.99 on ebay. They are made by Moose Racing. Are the carbs similar enough that most of the parts will be identical?
  3. chaplainracer

    WTB 05 450X carb rebuild kit?

    Does anyone know where to purchase a rebuild kit for the 450X carb? I have found some for 450R models, but not sure if it will work. Please advise.
  4. chaplainracer

    250 miles in one day on a 450X

    I am planning a very long trip averaging 35-55 mph on my 450X. What would be the best way to do this? Stop half-way and change the oil? Will this kill my bike? The blown transmittion threads have me worried. I only have 150 miles on the bike presently. Thanks for your help!!
  5. chaplainracer

    Dualsport registration in Georgia

    Can anyone give me pointers on getting a street title for my xr650r in Georgia? Bajadesigns and what else? What is the process? Who do I call? Thankyou for your help!
  6. chaplainracer

    Mileage/Hour capability of 450X??

    I am thinking of converting the CRF450X for dual-sport duty. Assuming good maintanance, how many miles can I expect to cover before I will need to replace pistons, valves seats, etc.? Will the motor handle extended 50-60 mph speeds with good gearing?