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  1. My float needle and seat were gummed up and still has a little leak through the vent tube when the fuel tap is left "on". Also, the fuel screw vibrated out and I lost the O-ring and spring. Everything else cleaned up well, but the gaskets and o-rings will be nice. If a kit for an 05 CRF450R will work, then I will re-use the jet and needle from my JD kit and it should work perfectly. Thank you for your help.
  2. Thank you for the replies. I found CRF450R carb kits that include gaskets, needles, jets, float, etc. for $29.99 on ebay. They are made by Moose Racing. Are the carbs similar enough that most of the parts will be identical?
  3. Does anyone know where to purchase a rebuild kit for the 450X carb? I have found some for 450R models, but not sure if it will work. Please advise.
  4. I am planning a very long trip averaging 35-55 mph on my 450X. What would be the best way to do this? Stop half-way and change the oil? Will this kill my bike? The blown transmittion threads have me worried. I only have 150 miles on the bike presently. Thanks for your help!!
  5. Can anyone give me pointers on getting a street title for my xr650r in Georgia? Bajadesigns and what else? What is the process? Who do I call? Thankyou for your help!
  6. I am thinking of converting the CRF450X for dual-sport duty. Assuming good maintanance, how many miles can I expect to cover before I will need to replace pistons, valves seats, etc.? Will the motor handle extended 50-60 mph speeds with good gearing?