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  1. Very good sound. Also, that was a great video to watch. Looks like you guys had a brilliant day in an excellent place for riding!
  2. Aussie Andrew

    Barn Fresh a motorcycle restoration

    Well done Junkman! It looks great. I was hoping to see you ride off on it in the end. Keep up the good work.
  3. Aussie Andrew

    Barn Fresh a motorcycle restoration

    Nice work Junkman. Looking forward to the next episode.
  4. Aussie Andrew

    This Guy Is Nuts

    Unreal! Just hope nobody is coming from the other way towards you!
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong - non polished surfaces transfer heat away better than polished ones (more surface area on non polished). So your engine's cooling system will have to work harder if you polish. Might be a consideration if heat is an issue where you ride.
  6. Aussie Andrew

    Black or White rear fender?

    White. Also, I'm not a fan of those wheel inserts.
  7. Aussie Andrew

    Adjusted my rear sag, will I notice much difference?

    Finally got out to try it today. The short answer - Do it! It was easily easier to steer when going up nasty rutted out hill climbs. The ground was dry with heaps of grip, which helped. But it was definitely easier than before. Just pick a new line and over she went. Wish I'd done it years ago - and doing it myself it was free!
  8. Aussie Andrew

    Adjusted my rear sag, will I notice much difference?

    105kg. Includes boots, helmet, body armor, tool kit, spare tubes, about 2.5l of water and me (87kg)
  9. 2004 Australian E model. Used purely off road. I've never really given it much thought. I had nothing to do today, and I ended up reading some threads on here about setting the suspension sag. Here's what it measured up as before (Note that the Rider sag included full riding gear, backpack and tools etc): Rear - Static = 45mm, Rider = 120mm And after I adjusted it: Static = 25mm, Rider = 105mm So will I notice much difference, and if so what? Also front sag: Static = 33mm, Rider = 47mm.
  10. Aussie Andrew

    How's this for a close pic

    That's a cool photo! I like how it's even got the shadows on the ground.
  11. Aussie Andrew

    And i actually thought i finnaly won this battle...help

    Check to see if you have spark. Attach the spark plug lead to the spare spark plug, hold the plug against the engine somewhere to earth it, crank her over and look for the spark - NOTE might pay you to wear a rubber glove if you have one. Can get a shock sometimes, not really dangerous just funny for your mates. Also, not all visible sparks are good enough. A weak spark can still be seen but not good enough for starting. I had problems with starting due to valve clearances once. It didn't happen suddenly. It got worse each start during the day.
  12. Aussie Andrew


    Excellent video. I enjoyed watching. You sure seem to be having a good time out there!
  13. Aussie Andrew

    Balls of steel

    Great vid. You get a real sense of how fast those guys are going when they're going through the towns. I enjoyed watching, thanks for posting.
  14. Aussie Andrew

    What will you replace your DR-Z with?

    I don't plan to ever sell my DRZ. It has been my faithful friend through many a happy and sad time. Always reliable. I'll add another bike eventually. At the moment leaning towards one of these. XT660z Tenere.