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  1. TITAN20

    Stewart out Faking (From another forum)

    Whether or not all of this sugercoated news is true, it still doesn't change the fact that he out and out lied about his health status. Did he have the right to do that? Sure he does, he can lie about anything he wants, but he was still dishonest to everyone. The magazine interview still doesn't explain his stellar performance in A1 or Phoenix, or why he wasn't rockin' the Monster Energy drink on the podium. It's funny how he has done the corporate whoring any other time. "Love that Monstery Energy!!! MMM!!!! SMOOOTTTHH!!!!"
  2. TITAN20

    Stewart out Faking (From another forum)

    I don't claim to know what's going on with Bubba, but there is definately something there that doesn't add up. After the pre-race interview, all of my friends noticed that same thing -- James acted VERY strangely. I don't claim to be the best judge of character, but I know when someone's lying or covering something up (my journalistic instinct). What he's hiding -- I don't know -- but it's something. Just for the record, to everyone that says Bubba won't get upset over a "mere" $200,000 -- wake up and smell the VP fuel. If you've ever been around people that are truly wealthy (I'm not, but I have been around people who are), they will quibble over 50 cents, and you can be damn sure they will fight over a couple hundred grand. When people get that kind of wealth, everything in life becomes about the almighty dollar.
  3. That chick in the middle is butt-ugly!! Oh wait. . .that's just J-Law.
  4. I need a little help here fellas. My brake pads on the rear of my '06 WR250 are toast. I need to know what fits what on Huskies. On the Dennis Kirk website, I can find rear brake pads up to '03, and one set for an '07, or brake pads to fit the CR125 for the same year as mine. Are they all the same? If not, what else uses the same pads as mine? Thanks.
  5. In my short dirtbike "career", so far I have had a KX100 (first bike), RM125, KX250F, KTM 300EXC, and an XR400. I had nothing but problems out of my 250F --hated it. My other thumper, the XR400, was a great bike. There's nothing bad anyone can say about an XR400, except that they are indeed heavy and sometimes a pain to start. That being said, I have just loved the two strokes more. A few months ago, I had the rare opportunity of having enough money to buy my first brand new bike. I looked at the Yamaha WR250, the Honda 250x, and the new Kawasaki KLX450R. I have ridden both the Yamaha and Honda before, and got a chance to ride a KLX450 and the dealership. Then I went and looked at some new 2-stroke KTMs. Then a moment of revalation came when I got the test ride a new Husqvarna WR250 2-stroke. It was awesome. Yeah, I took a risk and bought a brand new 2-stroke in a world where everyone tells you that 2 strokes are dead. I was tempted to buy another 4-stroke, because the government wouldn't be breathing down my neck in a few years, and parts would be available. But I went against the grain and bought what I wanted -- everyone else be damned. I don't regret it at all. Not only that, but a lot of guys around here are buying 2-strokes right now -- especially the younger guys that grew up on race thumpers
  6. TITAN20

    Would better boots have saved my leg?

    I might take a lot of flak for this. . . but. . .I feel like riding boots actually cause me to wreck half the time. There stiff, they're awkward, offer virtually no offroad traction, and its a pain to start in bike in them - 2 or 4 stroke. I finally decided to ditch my riding boots and I've went to wearing desert-sand jungle jump boots. Maybe I'll break an ankle -- but I manuever the bike a hell of a lot better in low speed offroad situations.
  7. TITAN20

    Lowering Suspension

    I went ahead and lowered the rear sag a little over 1/2" and lowered the raised the forks in the clamps about 1/2" as well (about as far as they'll go without hitting the bars). I'm going to try that, but it sounds like I need to get them revalved for proper lowering. Additionally, I started to wonder if I should wait a while to monkey with the suspension, because it's not even close to being broken in yet.
  8. TITAN20

    Lowering Suspension

    I absolutely love my WR250, but being a fairly short guy (5'9"), this bike is giving me fits. It's worse than my XR400 was (and I thought that was the tallest bike I would ever try to ride). It is so tall, it becomes downright awkward at times. The only time I ever wreck on the thing is when I'm going slow, in a tight spot, and lose balance and can't recover and well -- I just fall over (pretty embarassing). I'm thinking about setting the sag down a bit, and maybe lowering the forks in the clamps (since they are now all the way at the top). Any suggestions?
  9. TITAN20

    WOW! Tim Ferry dissing Euro riders bad.

    Two words for this thread: Mike Brown. If Brownie can go across the pond and pull a holeshot almost every race on the assorted Euro bums, imagine what RC, TF, and RV can do to them on a U.S. track. If Brownie wasn't so old and sorry -- and back on a 2-stroke (sorry, had to fit that in), we might see him on the podium every week in the GPs with some scantily clad Euro chick. So, was Ferry being arrogant? No way. Just realistic. USA rocks
  10. TITAN20

    Windham to KTM???

    I think it's hilarious that people on here say that Huskies "aren't bad bikes" or "Husky was winning a few years ago when they had a factory team." Those "retarded" Huskies, as one guy so eloquently put it, have won more world championships than any other manufactuer, Jap bikes included. Put a KTM or Husky next to a Jap bike and check out the build quality, parts used, etc. The Euro bikes BLOW THE JAP BIKES AWAY. True, KTM and Husky both have been focused on offroad the last several years. If both of them put R&D into motocross bikes, and put a decent rider on one, you would see both in the winner's circle regularly. I just can't understand why people keeping dogging the KTMs. Alessi had done VERY well this year on one, and lites riders have been doing well the last couple of years on them.
  11. TITAN20

    Jason Lawrence speaking = Grinch mouth

    I don't know about that. Him and that f---ed up dog were gettin' it on that sled full of toys.
  12. TITAN20

    Supercross '08

    Why in the hell would one of the historically best outdoor motorcross riders (Windham) go for a SX only season????!!!
  13. I just wish one of the pros had the balls to settle this argument once and for all. I really like Ricky Carmichael, but once his retirement was a done deal, why couldn't he just once race the RM250 in his last races? Or at X-games? I would be like, "Hey, I'm Ricky Carmichael, dammit, I'm racing the smoker this weekend Roger and you and Suzuki can kiss my ass!" I would still bet good money that he or James could win on a 250 two stroke right now.
  14. TITAN20

    Jason Lawrence speaking = Grinch mouth

    Oh man, that's funny! Gretta Van "Sucks-trun" has to be one of the ugliest women on the planet. Why Fox, why?!!! Let CNN have that ugly broad back. Every time I think about the Jason Lawrence - Grinch thing, I start busting out laughing!
  15. I shouldn't get into this. . .but. . .has everyone forgot that the 450s were getting SPANKED in Arenacross last year by the 250 two-strokes? And yes, that is ARENACROSS relevant. 4-strokes are being forced on us because of the almighty dollar. I've had both and always go back to the smoker, until I am no longer allowed to do so. Does anyone not remember a couple of years ago when McGrath, a has-been by anyone's standards, made the supercross field look foolish when he busted out on the 250 smoker and Nac-nac'd during the race? It seems like Honda reined that in VERY quickly, didn't they gents? How would 4 stroke sales be if a has-been started winning on a two-stroke against the big 450s?