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  1. dp66

    ttr 90 carb problems

    thanks again, I plan to replace the float and needle if that doesn't stop it I'll take it back to the dealer.
  2. dp66

    ttr 90 carb problems

    Thanks for the info. I kind of did what you said except I took the float bowl off and remounted it then I opened the the fuel line and at the same time moved the float up and down. Quite messy and it didn't stop the fuel from pouring no matter whether the float was up or down. Is the needle you are refering to the one thats activated by the float? thanks
  3. dp66

    ttr 90 carb problems

    My son's ttr 90 carb just pours gas thru the overflow hose. I've taken the floatbowl off, inspected everything, reassembled it and put it back on. It continues to do it! When I first got the bike it did the same thing but I took it to a dealer who "cleaned" the carb and it did stop. What am I missing before I take it back to the dealer?