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  1. 02YZF

    4 broken BONES...!!!

    Feel for ya man... Currently recovering from 2 broken legs. Broke tibs/fibs in both legs. left 2 places the right in 6. titanium rods and plates in both. 5 inches of bone missing in right leg. It happened January 28th; stayed in wheel chair for 2 months, walker for 1 and just go off crutches. Still not riding yet; waiting on the right leg to heal all the way. Unlike you it hurt like hell though.
  2. 02YZF

    best setup for 2002 yz250f?

    By dropping the forks they mean sliding them down in the triple clamps. Doing so chamges the steering angle.
  3. 02YZF

    this 276 RPM big bore is awesome!!!!

    What kind of horsepower gains are quoted with that kit? Dirtrider did an article on several companies making a 40 h.p. YZ250F with no piston changes or top end lost. Is the kit more than that?
  4. Im pretty surer you could swap in the WR cams and get the WR power you are looking for also. Im sure someone on here would gladly swap cam with you.
  5. 02YZF

    Son wants a bigger bike

    I personallyhave rode my 02 YZF250 for 2 years with no problems. The power delivery is awsome. I have has now mechanical issues what so ever. How many CRF riders can say that. If you read close the comparisons Honda didnt win in every division and the ones it did was very close. Yes Honda is a great bike, but if your looking for something you dont have to work on and offers great power consider a Yamaha!
  6. 02YZF

    price of 2002 yz250f?

    It has Enzo Racing suspension front rear and Excel wheels with brand new tires Power now and Big Gun Exhaust System. The guy took it apart to powder Coat the frame and never put it back together. Bought it in a box. Luckily I new the guy so I knew what kind of shape it was in. Bike usually goes fore around $2,500.00 here in TN.
  7. 02YZF

    price of 2002 yz250f?

    Just bought a 02 for $1400.00. Will post picture once I figure out how!