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  1. Trying to get my bike plated in Colorado and I have everything but a working horn. I got a horn from Dual Sport America but it came with nothing but the horn itself. Check with my local shops and they pushed me to this forum. Anyone have any good instructions on how to wire/install this horn or where to buy a switch so I can get this thing on the road and into the hills? Thanks in advance. PS…I did search these forums but struck out so sorry if there is a good thread on this already.
  2. You're right - pumping the lever does not make it better so bleeding is not likely my problem. So I guess I'm down to guessing if its the caliper, hose, or master cylinder. Any ideas on how to narrow it down without just buying new parts thru trial and error?
  3. I just bought an ’05 CRF450X a few weeks ago. The front brake was soft but I figured I could bleed it no problem. Wrong! I’ve tried everything, read every thread I could find, and still having problems. Here are the methods I’ve used so far: 1. Traditional bleeding (pump the lever, hold, release bleed screw, etc) 2. Bleeding with the hose looped above and into a jar of fluid so it doesn’t suck any air when closing the screw 3. Injecting fluid from the bleed screw up into the reservoir (watching for bubbles etc) 4. Vacuum bleeding from the bleed screw with a kit while feeding fluid into the master cylinder 5. Bleed and then put a wire tie on the lever and let it sit overnight with the master cylinder open After all of these failed, I bought the rebuild kit. Installed and bled all the various ways again. The odd thing is that it feels like it works initially. It has a good solid feel to it, then after it sits a day or two it goes soft again. I thought I had it fixed over the weekend, then Mon AM I grab the lever and it goes all the way to the bar? I’m stumped. The local shop claims they’d just do the vacuum bleed on it if I took it in. Their other suggestion is to buy a new master cylinder, but I already put in the kit so I don’t see that solving the problem. Anyone able to tell me my problem (with the brakes that is)? PS...the pads are new and the rotor is not bent. Thanks in advance!
  4. Not literally looking for love - just some cool riding buddies. New to town and just picked up a CRF450 last week. Not ready for the HS at Berthoud track, and as tempted as I am to ride alone I'd prefer to find some of the cool cats on this forum to ride with. I'd hoped to find some people at work, but they're mostly engineers and most of them are scared of dirtbikes. Just moved from Phoenix and am anxious to ride in these - what do you call them... trees and mountains? If anyone is up for some single track riding in the Fort Collins area drop me a line. If this Saturday doesn't work out I'm up for other options.