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  1. found root cause why bike is not starting or running right. The fact that the balancer shaft sproket came of had nothing to do with the original problem as the last poster suggested, just happened to be a freak queincidence that it happened around the same time. Just realized that there are two spark plugs, one of them was disconnected. In other words the bike was running only on one spark and that's what caused the starting problem. Must admid I feed pretty stupid but certainly learned alot about its carburator. Thank you all for you advise. Have a great Thanks Giving.
  2. will take a closer look tonight to see if I can access the slot that houses the key . Will keep you posted.
  3. Tend to agree but it's just so strange that this happens around the same time when the starting problems happened. Could it be that the balancing chaince which also is running behind the magneto has somehow effected the magneto so that is does not deliver the proper juice or timing to the spark plug? I had this happen 30 years ago on a 2 stroke bike where the key (woodruff) was worn out and the spark plug lost it's punch. More important though do you think I can replace the destroyed key with a new one jsut with the crank case cover off? By the way do you own a DR650?
  4. Ihink I found the issue. Two nights ago my son dropped the bike. Tried to start it again and all of the sudden heard metal noice under crank case cover. Took of cover and found that the sproket (the one furhtest to the left - see came of togeher with parts (6, 11, 12, 8, 9, 14, 16 as per the diagram). The key (woodruff - # 15 on diagram) sheered off. That would tell me that the sproket has been loose all the time and did not move the axil it was on. So be dropping the bike it finally fell off. Now I have a completely new problem. Is it possible that that had something to do with the bike not starting?
  5. The other thing though is that the bike ran fine before i put it in storage 7 months ago. So I can't help thinking it ought to have to do something with the carb as valves would not get out of clearance just but sitting there.
  6. thanks for the feedback. Not yet, but will check compression tonight.
  7. thanks for the tip. I will keep you posted if that did at least cause a combustion.
  8. Good suggestion. Did that. The cable moves freely and with it the plunger assembly moves freely.
  9. Hello, thanks again for keeping new ideas flowing. Y yes I do have the vacuum line attached to the carb. I think the next step will be to replace the spark plug, but then again this plug has only 12,000 miles on it, nevertheless it's 16 years old. I will also try to put some carb cleaner right into the combusion chamber to see it that explodes.
  10. Could it be that although I did clean the jets and the carburator that there is a passage way I could not freely reach that might be clogged up?
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. I did replace the gas. With the choke on it does not seem to flood the bike. When pulling the spark it is wet suggesting that it does get gas. I also put some gas directly into the combustion chamber but it did not ignite. Perhaps is just needs the right mix. Someone suggested to spray "Thrust" into the combustion chamber to see if this ignites. At least this will allow me to rule out a bad spark plug.
  12. hello, did check the vacuum / Petcock test and fuel does flow as it is supposed to. Could it be that the spark on the plug is simply to weak? I do see the spark but perhaps it's just not strong enough. Not even that is even possible.
  13. thank you that is good input! Did forget to mention that I also disassembled the Petcok and also cleaned it. I was able drain the tank by putting it on Prime and directing the gas to a bucket. If there would be a problem with the Petcok than there would be no gas in the float bowl, right. But the float bowl is full of fuel.
  14. :banghead:After sitting for 6 months the bike starts barely, with or without choke. When is does run it dies as soon as I try to rev it up. It back fires on and off. Once in a while I am able to very slowly rev it up to 6000 RPM for a minutes or and then again it dies. So thought this all points to varnish in the carb. Cleaned air filter, fuel filter, carb, every jet / needle I could unscrew, float seems to be fine and blew through every hole with shop air. It does get spark and fuel gets to the float boal. The spark plug is fine. Squirted some gas right into the combustion chamber which I expected would start the bike but did nothing, perhaps I squirted too much into it. I am at the end of my wisdom. Can anyone please offer some advise. Thank you so much
  15. thanks for both inputs. I am leaning toward bringing it to a machine shop. On the other hand would there be any harm in simply leaving it where it is even if the slot is stripped?