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  1. Martin0070

    DRZ400s Ticking Noise resolved (Please Read)

    for your info Bronco.i wanted to see peoples replys and see how much shit you people talk on this forum.So take your anaorak off and get out more you saddo
  2. Martin0070

    DRZ400s Ticking Noise resolved (Please Read)

    Sorry bronco i dont mess about. Theres no need to be technical about somthing that is meant to be.
  3. I have noticed on this forum a lot of people get botherd about a ticking noise which comes from the drz engine when it gets hot. Let me tell you that if yours makes a ticking sound when hot you have a tip top engine all THESE ENGINES ARE NOISEY AND MAKE A TICKING SOUND. THE DRZ IS MEANT TO MAKE THIS NOISE.I AM A MAIN DEALER FOR SUZUKI AND I HAVE 10 DRZ'S THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME.
  4. Hello i have a drzs 2003 model.i have had a rattling noise coming from my engine for a while now (Only when it gets hot). I had a listen around it and noticed that the noise sounded like it was coming from the front. I tapped a spanner on the casing where the thermostat is and the noise seemed to quiten down a bit. Has anyone had problems with there thermostat making noises? I dunno why mine makes a noise when it gets hot.Any ideas?
  5. Hi guys/girls I have a drzs i have just brought it. It has 8000 miles on the clock. I have noticed a rattling sound coming from the head. This is when the engine gets hot. its does not go away when i pull the clutch in.When i hold it on a really lov rev the noise is at its loudest ANYONE ABLE TO HELP???
  6. Martin0070

    Noisey cam chain.

    hello, The bike is a 03 reg it has around 8000 miles on it
  7. Martin0070

    Noisey cam chain.

    Hello there all I have a noise coming from my top end.it sounds like the chain is noisey. I notice there is a tension adjuster. can this be adjusted easy enough? how do i do it?
  8. Martin0070

    DRZs Cam chain. How to check if its loose

    is the cam chain tensioner easy to adjust? do i have to replace the gasket? its just i get a rather annoying ticking sound from my top end
  9. Hello all How would i know if my cam chain was loose? also is it easy to tighten the cam change up?
  10. Martin0070

    DRZs Engine Noise HELP!!!

    mine wont start first go of the button i need to give it some gas first of all
  11. Martin0070

    DRZs Engine Noise HELP!!!

    When you start a DRZ do u just hold the button in until it starts or you u give it some throttle?
  12. Martin0070

    DRZs Engine Noise HELP!!!

    I think its just the way the DRZ engine runs. It sounds like something is spinning around in there. How would you know if was the valves? what the bike run like shit?
  13. Martin0070

    DRZs Engine Noise HELP!!!

    Hello All Just wanted to know somthing. I have a Suzuki DRZs 2003 its done around 8500 dry miles. I can hear a sort of ticking noise coming from the head of the engine just under the fuel tank. Do all DRZs make this noise?? I have just brought this bike so i dont no. Does anyone have a new drz?? what do the engines sound like????
  14. undefinedMy 2001 DRZ-S motor is super quite on cold startup but once the motor gets warmed up say after a couple of minutes a ticking sound emerges from the motor. Is this normal ? The valve clearance has been checked and adjusted about two months ago but it has always had this ticking. I run Castrol RS4 fully synthetic and the bike really goes well. The ticking is not that obvious but is certainly more noticeble when the bike is warm.
  15. Hi All I have a 2003 DRZ SK3 on my old SK1 you had the option to turn the headlight completly off. On this new one i have brought i cant do this as the headlight stays on low beam all the time. Is there aything i can do to make the light turn off? are there any switches i can fit from other models of bike,which would turn the headlight off completly??