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  1. Nice! Thanks for the info. I can feel my credit card twitching in my wallet
  2. Still waiting for my dealer to get my bike. Killing me! Since I am new to the state of California, I have not had to worry about emissions stuff in the past. I am planning on removing the stock exhaust and going with a Wings slip on. I also want to remove the bulky and heavy smog canister. Will I have any issues with the state if I do these mods? How often do bikes have to get smog checks in Cali? Anything else I need to worry about or can I mod away to my hearts content? Thanks in advance!
  3. As soon as the state of California blesses them. Could be days, weeks or months.
  4. We are in OC. I am buying mine from Mission and he is buying his from 3brosktm.
  5. Both my buddy and I have have deposits on 2016 690's (different dealers) and we got the same story - The state of California has not released them yet due to emissions BS. Even though KTM has assured them no mechanical changes have been made between the 2015 and 2016, the state is still not allowing them off the dock. So if you are anywhere in Cali, you are S.O.L. until the bureaucratic machine finishes churning.
  6. HAHA! Too funny! So Google was actually right I am not afraid of a little sunshine. No Vag here. Bring on the heat. Hell, it has been 3 months since I have ridden so I could ride inside a volcano and smile the entire time.
  7. I can't find that area. Google keeps trying to tell me what it is like in California during the winter. Not quite what I am looking for . Do you have a link to the area?
  8. Depends. I like everything from tight single track, never get out of second gear all day to fast desert riding with natural whoops and hill climbs. I don't like riding deep sand. Here is the bike:
  9. I looked through the first few pages of the forum and did not find much so I thought I would start a new post. I just moved to O.C. from the Seattle area and am having a difficult time figuring out where to ride. I see Wildomar but from what I read, it has less than 5 miles of trails. In Washington, we call that the staging area . Seems like it is not worth the drive for such a small (and likely over crowded) area. What other options are available? I have a KTM 350XCF with valid WA OHV tags so I can ride without the red sticker. I am an intermediate skill rider. There were lots of unofficial and unpublished areas in WA but you needed an insider to help you locate them. Hoping to find something within an hour to hour and a half radius from Irvine. At this point, I am considering Lake Elsinore tracks with the YZ450 but prefer trails on the KTM. Help please!
  10. I am thinking about buying a Vortex x10 for my wife's 2013 250xcf to see if it clears up the low rpm response when lugging 2nd gear. I installed a 53 tooth sprocket and it still has hesitation and slight bog in 2nd gear so I am thinking I need to start adjusting fuel settings and the X10 seems easiest for someone with very little experience tuning fuel injection. I found one for the sxf but not one listed for the xcf. I am pretty sure they are the same but wanted to make sure before buying. Another alternative is the JD power surge 6x. Anyone have experience with it? Thanks!
  11. I know the 2013 250xcf is not a low end power producer but I thought it would have a bit more. My wife rides the bike and likes to lug more than high rev. I installed a trail tech mapping switch, the KTM fmf slip on exhaust and went up to a 51 tooth sprocket but neither of these have done much. Looking for suggestions on other mods to pep up the low end without breaking the bank. Thanks!
  12. I have the same bike and went to a 51 tooth using the stock chain with no issues. Unless your chain needs to be replaced, I say go with the stocker. I know there is a way you can find the stock sizes for bikes on the Rocky Mountain site but I can never remember how to find it.
  13. I am in the same boat. Has anyone found a guard that works with the resonance chamber yet? Burned my leg this last weekend and ruined my good pants
  14. Yeah, I adjusted it as far out as possible at the throttle housing and it is better but not perfect. I am riding this weekend so I will see how it goes.
  15. Installed a steering stabilizer on my '13 350 XC-F which raises the bars just enough to make the stock throttle cable too short to allow me to turn full left without binding the cable. Did some research and sure enough, this is well known. I decided to order the Motion Pro cable with +3" to give me the extra length I needed. Got the cable installed today but I need some help figure out the adjustment. Everything is working however I have to roll the throttle about 1/8th of a turn before it actually starts to engage. I am sure this is just slack in the cable. I have the adjuster nut inside the housing mechanism almost as far to the end of the adjuster bolt as possible to lengthen it and it still needs more. On other bikes, there is an adjuster on the handlebar side as well but the KTM does not have this. What am I missing? Are there other ways I can adjust the length to take some of the play out? The stock cable did not have this issue. There is enough slack to cause me to bend my wrist to a very uncomfortable position to get it wide open. Thanks in advance.